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QotD: Returns

Question: Do you abuse or ignore return policies?

My Answer: Nope. I just make darn sure what they are before I buy, and if I'm not comfortable, I don't buy the product. This rarely applies to software - that's what demo versions are for - but I know that Circuit City has a 30-day return policy that is widely abused by many. I think it's immoral to use something and return it. It's lying. At least sell the thing on eBay and take a small hit.

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6 Responses to "QotD: Returns"

  1. You mean "immoral" rather than "amoral", right? If not, I'm a bit confused. 🙂

  2. You wrote: " I think it's amoral to use something and return it."

    I disagree. I am an amature photographer. I did lots of research last April before going to Circuit City and buying a camera. After using it for a week on vacation I decided that I disliked the EFV and returned it.

    EFV's are a matter of taste and while it was close to the use of an SLR, the delay and lousy low light performance killed the deal for me.

    For me cameras are complex tools and impossible to evaluate well enough in store to be absolutely sure of your purchase.

    What's funny is that the month after that I got a job at Nikon and I have an awesome D1H and a Coolpix 990 on loan.

    Anyone want to buy a used Olympus E-10? Refurbished and hardly used? 🙂

  3. I don't abuse return policies, because I read the term and conditions on the reverse side of receipt to see what the company's policy is.

    In regards to Mark, I agree that you should be able to return something that you believe did not work to your expectations. Some products, like cameras, cannot be given a fair trail run in a store because of real world conditions. I think most retailers would and should let your return a product that is subjective to quality.

    The only products that I think should not fall into that category are DVD's, software, etc. Beyond an exchange for the same product in case the software is defective, it's your own damn fault you bought a crappy movie or you opened software that doesn't run properly on your computer because you didn't read the requirements. I think that's fair.

  4. Mark, you're right and I could have been clearer. What I meant to say was that I think it's immoral to purchase something with the intent to use it and then return it. That's despicable behavior. What you did is not.

    Yes, Gabe, purchasing things you can copy and then return is bad too. I understand no-return policies on those, but also feel it's a bit of a case of a few bad seeds spoiling it for the rest of us. So be it. 🙁

    Immoral/Amoral corrected. Thanks Eric.

  5. Having just bought and returned 4 wireless routers because there was something signifactly wrong with everyone of them I feel bad from myself because of the hell I went through trying to get these damn things to work correctly. I even called each companies helpless desks with no positive outcomes, even from level 2/3 tech people.

    What I learned? Make sure you know the return policy before buying and always buy Linksys routers because they actually work.

  6. I've tried to, but it did't work.