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Venting and Customer Returns

I own a software company. In two places - at the time of purchase and when the license agreement comes up - we state that we don't offer refunds and that we don't warrant or guarantee that the software will do anything of any consequence. Pretty standard disclaimers, really. Boilerplate.

Occasionally, a customer asks us for a refund. Sometimes the customer asks us for a refund five minutes after writing to us for support. Most often, the software isn't failing due to a bug, but to misuse or customer ignorance. It's frustrating - especially when the credit card processing makes giving refunds a negative income in the end - to have to handle these customers. You'd rather help them to use your software, not refund their money and lose them as a customer.

I've yet to find the best answer. We sell commercial software via the Internet. Once you register, you've got a registration code that we can in no way force you to stop using if you get a refund (or, worse yet, a chargeback via your credit card). We want the chance to help every customer, to fix every bug. Some folks don't believe that's an allowable thing. 🙁

2 Responses to "Venting and Customer Returns"

  1. Interesting. I think it's safe to say I've made an impression, eh, Erik?

  2. Uh, since you can't stand to leave a name, no, you haven't.