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Mud Creek, Take Two

So, I went back to Mud Creek today. Caught nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. Saw a redfish or two but couldn't cast to 'em. Paddled about three miles straight into a wind that was strong enough to troll simply by drifting.

Yeah, fun stuff. 🙁 I'm going out tomorrow morning near Southern Boulevard in with Mike vG. We'll see how that goes… If I can get to Home Depot and buy some gear, I may be taking the T140 out! Hmmm…

Did find a rather nifty "back hole" that may contain redfish. A good picture is in the extended entry.

Headed out with Jim (PharmaSea) today near the Little Mud Creek. Launched at about 6:30, and headed north. That was mistake #1. Well, I suppose that was mistake #2. Mistake #1 was bothering to get up in the morning. Oh, and then mistake #2 was the speeding ticket. OK, so mistake #3: paddling two miles north into a 20 knot wind.

We tried to catch some trout near a sand bar, but after five casts you had to paddle back again. The wind was blowing so hard I could easily troll my SS Minnow by doing nothing more than drifting (albeit without the drift chute).

We dinked around and headed south a little and found a cove. Jim hooked up on a few small snook on his green/orange plastic Exude, one of which was about 6" and the other of which looked to be about 15" or so. I had no strikes on the lures I was using.

We headed further south and while trolling I nabbed a few small Jacks. We headed towards Blind Creek and ported our yaks to a landlocked pond, essentially, overgrown with trees. Saw a few redfish, didn't catch any. The area looks like this and the water is only about 6" deep:


We paddled to a different take-out point than our put-in point and I walked the mile back to my car (twelve minutes, not too shabby!) and so ended our day at around noon.

I've never paddled a more exhausting 5 miles before. Ugh. I should have taken the T140 today - at least it would have been a bit faster. Jim was blowing me away in his Scupper Pro. The thing knifes through the water very nicely while I porpoised on all of the whitecaps. Not saying I wish I had a Scupper Pro (I like mine just great), but they are a faster boat.