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PHP Project

I'm looking for someone to create a site for me in PHP/MySQL. Yes, this is exactly my area of expertise (well, skill anyway), but I've just not got the time. I'll pay $1000 (far too little, this much I know) to some aspiring (bored) college student if they'd like to list what I hope will become a fairly popular site on their résumé.

The quickie run-down of features (without being too specific):

  • User accounts
  • Users maintain a log of sorts (not a blog, no)
  • Users can elect to publicly display their stuff, to keep it private, or to share it only with their friends.
  • Statistics and a nice search form should be available (across your content or yours + your friends, primarily).

If anyone is interested, they should find the email link on the bottom right (currently) section of this site and send me an email. I'll do all of the design work - I just need a code grunt willing to work for a cool $1000 ($500 up front if I can trust 'em enough).

Not the most appealing job offer, but this job has some nice kickers: there's not a real deadline, most people have libraries of PHP/MySQL that they can use to quickly turn around a site like this (making $1000 a fairly reasonable value, in the end), and a great résumé bullet point. Interested? Email me.

15 Responses to "PHP Project"

  1. Check out Drupal ( It's very customizable and can be easily extended with new modules. I'm now using it for two sites, and worldbeatplanet.

    I don't have time to work on it or I would have offered to do it. I've been spending most of my time debugging a Mac OS 9 product.

  2. I fit the bill almost perfectly, but I don't know much .php at all. I am talking to some friends though.

  3. I have much expertise in this area and am as you said, a bored college student.

    Gimme a bell if your still stuck for someone, $1000 seems a little high for such a project?

    Anyway hope it goes well,


  4. I'd volunteer, but like everybody else, I'm short on time. I'm sure it'd be doable in one-week's time, but what one week do I have?

    Alas... yet another $1000 passed up. Why can't people make these offers while I'm looking for jobs over the summer?!?

    If the job does (by some weird twist of fate) still need to be done after April, I'd be more than willing to volunteer... Sounds like fun, might as well get a little cash on the side for it.

  5. Paul:

    For an OK site and an OK wage, $1000 *might* be high. But Erik isn't asking for an OK site. He wants it well written, right to his specs.

    And yes, like most others. I could do this, but don't have the time.

  6. $1000 isn't too high. Heck, I thought it was a little low. I'd do the UI - someone would just have to do the SQL/PHP side of things.

    Any takers, seriously? If not, well then it will be available at the end of April…

  7. Sweet!

  8. I didn't say an 'OK' site, did I?

    Granted I'm lame at interfaces and front-end in general..

    Anyway I'm in the UK ..


  9. Have you looked at That system would meet, I think, all of your needs for a lot less money.

  10. Anyone suggesting blogging software or content management software is in the wrong stadium. They're not playing the wrong game, they're just in the wrong stadium. ExpressionEngine and Drupal are not going to meet the needs of this project at all.

  11. I'm in the odd position of actually having quite a bit of free time, I'm very experienced with PHP, SQL, and web development in general. But $1000 is a little low, I think.

  12. £556.823 GBP

    ?!?! low?! for a college student with bundles of free time?! 😛 you're joking ..right?


  13. We're a group of college students who can work for this project. We're very well skilled in PHP/mySQL. This doesn't seem to be too big a task. I can't find the email link to get in contact. We'll be waiting for reply


  14. hi,

    i am interested to do this project.can u give me

    clear information abt this project.


  15. 4 anyone who whants php programing I'm up to do it. I have lots of hours of experience.

    1000$ is to much 🙂

    You can find me with user: cicalcical on yahoo mail