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QotD: Products

Question: Have you ever sold anything you've created?

My Answer: In talking with a few friends today, I was surprised at how many of them have never created something and sold it. I've been selling things my whole life - my services, my goods, my body. The last one isn't a joke - you just have to know what I mean. I used to sell potholders around the neighborhood, and now I sell software I design and code (along with others).

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11 Responses to "QotD: Products"

  1. OK, so now's the part where you tell us when you've sold your body. 🙂

    My guess: plasma.

  2. I've sold software, like you. And apparently the Danish males are good at selling their bodies too: Danes Do Good Sperm. I've been thinking about that too.

  3. I did some hand modelling a long time ago, it's nothing racy at all.

  4. Yes, but not really. The Wife and I jumped on the Internet Consulting Bandwagon in '99 with everyone else that knew how to put brackets around HTML tags. We only had one client, didn't really do a whole lot for him (I thing we/I designed a site navigation map for him) and then the bubble burst.

    I do still work for Beer and build old computers for our less financially fortunate friends. Personally the software that I code is generally Open Source tools for SysAdmins, who in their right mind can charge for Perl code?

  5. Yes, I have sold something. And that's as far as I'm willing to divulge. 🙂

  6. Hand modeling. Ha. Please tell us you're keeping your hand in a hyperbolic chamber in order to preserve its pristine and unadulterated beauty. Please?

  7. Hell no. I play golf, kayak, get stuck with hooks, scrape it up on machine parts, etc.

  8. I personally haven't actually sold any of my creations for money. I made my mom's website ( where she sells her hand-made stained glass, and I've made other websites for people. Usually I get paid the same way I pay my brother for hosting my site... a lot of tech support problems and not nearly enough gratitude.

  9. JL!, I've never heard of plasma before. What is it exactly? I've googled it up but all I can find is plasma that is related to science and technology.

  10. I'm not much of a craftsman, but I have sold some stuff that I've made. I used to sell these bracelets that I'd make with my brother to all our friends. I've made stuff that someone else has sold, and I've sold blood plasma too.

    I'd think it would be fun to sell sperm too, but I don't really know how to go about doing that.

  11. Adam: plasma is the fluid part of your blood