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Question: Do you have HBO?

My Answer: Yeah, but it's the only "premium" station I get. The Sopranos and a few other shows are worth watching… though I haven't cared much for the first two episodes this season.

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7 Responses to "QotD: HBO"

  1. Curb Your Enthusiasm is amazing. If you could just order HBO, I would.

  2. No. I currently don't have any premium channels. I had it for 3 months as a free promotion when I first got Comcast cable at my new place last year.

    I'll probably be switching to DirecTV soon, in which case I'll get HBO and maybe Showtime. Even with 2 premium channels, it still costs less than I now pay for Comcast's basic Digital with no extras.

  3. I have all the premium channels on DirecTV. But it's easier because I split it with a couple other people. Don't really watch much HBO. But I do like a few shows on Showtime. Actually, I think "Dead Like Me" is an amazing show.

  4. What is this 'Televison' of which you speak?

  5. Nope

  6. I have HBO primarily because my wife is a huge Sex and the City fan. I don't usually watch movies on it becasue they're the evil full screen verison. However, I love their comedy specials and, of course, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  7. I have HBO mostly because of Sex in the City. I also enjoyed Carnivàle. They need to hurry up and get the second season of Carnivàle started!

    I also get Showtime, mostly for Dead Like Me. I’m still waiting for the second season of that one, too.