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I'm working on a little project (it doesn't even tie into anything right now - just a goofing around type of thing) involving OPML files. Yes, everyone and their brother has an OPML generator. This is mine (because my sister's brother didn't have one yet). It's currently located here (but sure to move eventually):

If you'd like to help, there's room for your ideas and coding - PHP and MySQL (this is unrelated to the PHP/MySQL thing I posted a few days ago).

Right now, I've got some categories. What do you think? What should be removed? Added? Renamed? Consolidated? Expanded? Leave your comments here or IM me. Please understand that things will change quickly in the first few hours and days.

Eventually, my goal is to have an OPML generator that lets you build an OPML file based on topics as well as by ratings. Perhaps you want only feeds rated three stars or higher. Perhaps you want all "Sex" feeds (sicko! :-D). Whatever the case may be, I hope to have this thing ready to handle it.

There will be ratings (you figured that out already I guess), and there will be a way to edit and add feeds. I intend for the site to be fully open from the get-go. Until someone comes in and screws it up, that is. I am going to design with the least amount of security possible, and then add it as necessary.

Feedback is welcome. Speculation is not. 🙂

2 Responses to "OPML Site"

  1. As clicking on the categories doesn't work yet, the only thing I suppose I can give feedback on is the categories (may have been the only thing you were looking for feedback on too?).

    Well, here goes (just thinking out loud..):

    Why is "Apple Computer" and "Macintosh" different categories?

    What is the "Fun" category meant to contain? Isn't it better to call it "comedy" or "humor"?

    There are two "General" categories (I suppose that's not intended..)

    Should "Jobs" really be a category of its own?

    I think that's it for now..

  2. Of course clicking doesn't work yet. Apple and Macintosh are very different things. Fun can contain whatever is fun. There should be only one General. Jobs can be a category on its own, yes.