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SIF Files

Does the Mac community really make use of SIF files? Should I bother to create a SIF file for each of FSS' products? Does anyone other than "REALQualityMac" use them? It'd be nifty if VersionTracker and/or MacUpdate did, I suppose… but they don't.

3 Responses to "SIF Files"

  1. I'm more interested in PAD / MacPAD. Yeah, it's being pushed by instead of one of the larger sites, but I like some of the stuff that's been included in the SDK.

    Using the MacPAD version-checker code might not be something developers with existing (homegrown) application frameworks would want to do, but it's a nice thing to have if your just starting out.

    Seriously, what's the incentive for using SIF over MacPAD?

  2. I like MacPAD too. I wonder how we can get the major sites to adopt something like this?

  3. I'd never heard of SIF files until now, and QualityMac does a pretty good job of not mentioning the author of each application anywhere in their site. It'd be pretty easy to think that the programs were all theirs...

    I have heard of MacPAD, though, and it looks like a better bet, because of the sdk and the convenient editor app for generating the files... I wonder how we can get the major sites to adopt something like this?

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