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QotD: Subscriptions

Question: To how many magazines (print) do you subscribe?

My Answer: Maxim, Playboy, some Mac mags, some fishing ones, and Jane (don't ask). Around nine.

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9 Responses to "QotD: Subscriptions"

  1. 2. Scientific American and Mother Jones. I don't read Mother Jones as much as I should, and I'm a terrible Physics Geek so Scientific American is like crack for me. I still have every copy that I've ever gotten.

  2. 4. MacWorld, MacAddict, MacTech, Wired. I'm considering dropping MacWorld, since I've usually read most of the stories online months earlier.

  3. None. I had a subscription to Men's Health, but I am moving in a little over a month so I let everything expire. Generally I just wait until I go home. My parents subscribe to three or four dozen magazines and I can read theirs.

    My ideal line-up would be Men's Health, Business Week, and Forbes.

  4. 2. Wired and Game Developer. I used to get MacAddict and MacWorld, but I disliked that by the time they went to print, half of the reviews were outdated already. A lot of the tips and tricks seemed a little too simple, as well. Although I really enjoyed the humor in MacAddict...that alone kept me subscribing for a long time. I also had a MacTech subscription, but it ran out and I didn't bother to renew it.

  5. One: c't. It's the only magazine I've found that doesn't solely reproduce things I already read months earlier on the 'net (note that I'm reading about 10 news sites daily, so that's not an easy task).

  6. Too many! Right now, I get Wired, GQ, Esquire, Details, Harpers, The Atlantic, Cooking Light and a trial of The Economist. It's interesting to follow a news story from magazine to magazine and see how it's covered differently, but reading all of those each month takes up some serious time!

  7. Hmm... Car & Driver, Roundel (BMW Car Club magazine), Electronic Gaming Monthly, AOPA Pilot (but only for another month or two), Laptop for me. That's five. Also Maintenance Technology and Government Computer News for work.

  8. 5: Scientific American, National Geographic, Macworld (only because I got it free for some reason), Asimov's Science Fiction, Nintendo Power (subscribed so I could get the 4 Zelda game bonus disc, definitely worth the $20) ... I used to subscribe to a bunch more, but I let them lapse. I need to subscribe to Analog and F&SF.

  9. New Scientist (if you think SciAm is like crack, I shudder to think what NS is like ..), Sky & Telescope, Home Power, National Geographic, MacWorld, Mac Developer Journal (disappointing thus far), Linux Journal, Linux Magazine ... there were more, there may soon be fewer