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206 Bridge – St. Augustine

The last time I was in St. Augustine I spent a weekend laying around naked with a gorgeous blonde. This time I was after a different color: red. Specifically, Jeff and I were targetting redfish. I remembered the large fruit stand at the St. Augustine exit, and I remembered turning onto 206, and I remembered how to get to the Holiday Inn. Today, I turned right instead of left.

I met up with Jeff at around 6:45 at the Coastal Outdoor Center, home of the rig-in and tournament April 3.


We launched. I had a new rod/reel combo: a Redbone M/L 6-12lb with a Shimano Stradic 2500. I put 20lb Hi-Vis Yellow PowerPro on and hooked on a small red/white SS Minnow with some size 6 bleeding red trebles. We crossed the intercoastal and paddled along some grassy shorelines. It was along one of these shorelines that I hooked into what ended up being the largest fish of the day:


After a very feisty fight, I landed the "beast." He was promptly and safely released seconds later.


We fished the rest of the day, through to low tide, and saw nothing but oyster bars. Oyster bars everywhere. It was not happy hour at the oyster bars for us - no indeed. Jeff later hooked up with two rat reds on shrimp, but that was it.


Ho hum. I didn't even get to see Crystal again. It was a good day, and hell, the wind wasn't going 25 MPH, so I was happy. 🙂

2 Responses to "206 Bridge – St. Augustine"

  1. It was a good day even if the fish weren't biting.

    Those sure are some nice pics of you fighting that red.


  2. They are some great pictures. Thanks for taking them!