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Design Contest Over

The design contest I made a few days ago has ended. The winner is Randall Schenetz (I checked the spelling three times Randall!). He's elected to go with the $40 in music, and the iTMS gift certificate has been (e)mailed!

I'd post the designs here, but an unnamed jackass would have a hissy fit. Every design submitted was an improvement over the original, and all were very nice. The competition came down to one between Randall and Michael C (I haven't gotten approval to list his full name here yet). I will be sending Michael a $10 gift certificate for being so close. In the end, Randall's design won because he made room for the large image that usually dominates the Web site - a "photo of the week" is important and has to fit.

Thanks to all who participated!

8 Responses to "Design Contest Over"

  1. Maybe it's better to be an unnamed jackass than to be insulted by name. Why all the name calling?

  2. How many entries were there?

  3. Just for the record, the "Unnamed Jackass" mentioned many times before IS NOT me - I always leave my full contact information.

    Call me crazy, but I never did understand the positive value in being an Anonymous Coward.

    For example, anonymous reader submitted comments like this are absurb:

    If you think you've got something good to say, why not defend your honor?

  4. Ryan, I know you're not. Roland, I received 14 entries. Two were from the same person.

  5. Now that it's over, do you mind if we ask why you did it? Is it really worth $40 to satisfy your curiousity of what other people would consider doing with the site, or are you interested in opening a similar concept yourself?

  6. Despite the nameless critic, can we at least see the winner?

  7. $40 was worth it because, while I can recognize and appreciate good design, designing things myself is often a challenge. I start at a white page and there it sits for days on end.

    What I typically do - and what I did for FSS for example, is to browse around some sites with pleasing designs, then begin to copy a site, adding in flavors from the others. In the end, I end up with a site very much like the sites I've looked at but very much "of my own design."

    The contest just increased my library of sites which are pleasingly designed. I wanted to redo the site myself - for the heck of it - and couldn't get past the "white page stage." If I were to do it now (I won't be), I would get past that stage because I've got three or four sites that fit the site and look pretty great.

  8. I can't believe that pussy's still posting on your site... 😀