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For Comment Registration

Y'know what, after having a certain someone run through his (albeit meager) paces, I can't say comment registration would be such a bad thing. Nor would comment moderation.

This person, upset that his inability to comprehend simple English has been pointed out, is on a tear (in his mind). He's leaving comments using other people's names across my blog. All comments are critical or simply stupid. He's easily found, though - people who comment here regularly leave an email address along with a URL, oftentimes with some anti-spam string inside. Because MovableType shows visitors only the URL, I can compare suspected "fake" posts with the 50 or more posts by the person of the same name.

To this person, grow up. Certainly you've got better things to do, don't you? Or would you rather I talk about Britney some more?

Either way, comment registration will solve this "problem" fairly easily. Not that it's not amusing (and easy) right now…