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QotD: Outfits

Question: What's the sexiest thing a woman can wear?

My Answer: I've always been a big fan of comfort breeding confidence, and confidence being sexy. So is cuddling, and those times when you make out for four hours on the couch. So, jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing shows off a woman's ass and legs better than a pair of jeans, I think, and they're typically a comfortable, active set of clothes.

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10 Responses to "QotD: Outfits"

  1. the "little black dress"

  2. Catholic school girl outfit 😛

  3. I would have to say the sexiest thing a woman can wear is nothing at all.

  4. I will go for G-String with wet skin tight t-shirt

  5. Just a t-shirt.

    - Scott

  6. Most definitely a whale tale .

  7. your cotton t-shirt, and optionally, a set of hot pants

  8. t-shirts are cool.

  9. A fig-leaf.

  10. Nothing turns me on more than to hear a guy talking about what clothes "show off my ass." Grow up.