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QotD: Terminal

Question: What percentage of your time is spent using the terminal (if 100% = terminal + "GUI apps")?

My Answer: 5%, but that's also a good thing: it demonstrates that I can get in and get out very quickly when I need to do CLI work.

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11 Responses to "QotD: Terminal"

  1. 100%!!!! Oh you mean how much of the time I spend in the terminal and not how much of the time it's a launched app. Oh about 15%. Editing of conf files, cvs, touching files all things I prefer to do in the terminal. That's not to mention doing admin tasks on the remote server, etc.

  2. Terminal is set to launch on login on both of my Power Books. I probably spend between 15% and 20% in terminal between admin tasks, programming and compiling tasks, remote logins and security work.

    I love Aqua too though, even if I miss some of the custom features of Enlightenment and WindowMaker, heh heh. OS X rocks!

  3. Probably about the same 5%...sometimes clicking won't get a task done as fast and stable as a command-line one will.

  4. 30%

    I hardly ever use the finder anymore.

  5. Depends on the task I'm doing, maybe about 40%. Less when surfing the web, more when programming. For file navigation I'm using the Finder, the open-command and folder drag-to-terminal helps to easily move between those two environments.

  6. 10% - I usually use unix cli to organize big chunk of files. I find it faster using cli than drag files here and there.

  7. 99%. Seeing as my mac is basically a way to ssh into remote servers to do work, this is as expected.

  8. 0%. I don't touch the terminal.

  9. I'd say about 1 or 2%, as in it's really rare, but it does happen sometimes.

  10. Probably about 40% between mutt, irc and perl. The other 60% is spent in BBEdit, Safari, NNW and iChat.

  11. Probably about 75% - 80% in the terminal (Linux). I'm a vi geek, preferring it even over nice GUI apps like Zend Studio for coding.