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Doggy Style

20:58:25 friend: and contrary to her mom's story, the cat was not a kitten but was rather ~11
20:58:27 me: you don't want that person's offspring pooping in your gene pool
20:58:34 friend: no
20:58:43 friend: her grandma thinks it's normal to have sex with dogs
20:58:47 me: uhhh
20:58:59 me: i think i should put that on my blog
20:59:21 friend: she breeds dogs and has this phillipino lover who lives with her, and she has him jack them off

2 Responses to "Doggy Style"

  1. Ahhhh! What the-- Holy Sh-- What the--

    Who the hell are these people?!

  2. What the ----!? I should've been on something when I read that.