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High Standards

People continue to let me down. Day in, day out. I know myself pretty well, and I've got damn high standards for myself. I let myself down quite often, and I beat myself up for it. But dammit, how low do my standards for other people have to be in order to survive in this world? What's the bare minimum I should require of people? I'm sick of lowering the bar of expectations. The thing is nearly subterranean at this point!

Perhaps that's where it belongs. Perhaps that's where the moles, shrews, worms, snakes, and whatnot can finally make it over. I'm so sick of lowering the bar!

I'm utterly, completely disgusted. Fuck most of the people in the world, man. I refuse to lower my standards anymore. If that means I'm going to be disappointed, well, I'll become a hermit and fish every day. Fish don't lie, cheat, steal, backstab, undercut, and whatnot.


9 Responses to "High Standards"

  1. Yeah, he's full of himself... but he has a point. Most people want others to expect so little. I don't offer myself as an exception, because I know that I'm a lazy bum. So don't lower your standards... If they can't hack it, let 'em go.

  2. i once read a news article about a man who was killed while fishing. by a fish. it was a swordfish, i believe. or some other sort of sharp long-billed fish. jumped out of the water and over the boat, literally spearing the man through the back and returning to the ocean with him. i kid you not...

  3. I'm not entirely sure what you mean. If you mean that you expect your friends and close ones to not cheat, steal, backstab, and so forth, you really shouldn't lower your bar of expectations, but rather rethink that person's role in your life.

    If you, however, expect more of people in general, then, I'm afraid, you're probably going to have to lower your bar of expectations. Quite significantly so, even.

  4. My relatively few friends (the low number being my own choice and a result of time and the above standards) meet the standards I've got. The rest of the world consistently fails to meet them.

  5. People will let you down. People are not perfect. You will let people down. You are not perfect.

  6. Sometimes you let down your blog readers!!! For instance remember the bloody deer picture you posted a while back!!!

    You are not perfect in any way so keep trying...

    What I tell my boss is, "they suck, so you have to blow harder" 🙂

  7. >well, I'll become a hermit and fish every day. Fish don't lie, cheat, steal, backstab, undercut, and whatnot.

    ...or you could become a Christian 😉

  8. I don't think that the deer picture was in any way "letting people down." C'mon now… 😛

  9. What is that adage about loving your neighbor? If you don't love him first, will he love you in return? Or should he love you and only then will you return it?