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Question: How much RAM does your primary machine have?

My Answer: 2.5 GB. The stock 512 and two 1 GB sticks in my G5.

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13 Responses to "QotD: RAM"

  1. 1.5GB on the desktop, 512MB on the powerbook (dunno which one to define as the "primary machine", I'm always using both at the same time).

  2. Honestly, I don't know. 512 or so? A couple years ago when RAM started getting dirt cheap I bought some whenever I had money. I do know that all 4 slots in my board are full, but I have no idea with what really. Enough 🙂

  3. 512 in my PC, 380-something in my G3. (it needs it, as it's only a 233MHz...)

  4. At home, 1GB. On my laptop and at work, 512MB. Honestly, I can't see the difference even under heavy a InDesign/Photoshop load in Windows XP Pro.

  5. 768 MB, which is a 512 and a 256.

  6. 1G in both my windows and linux desktops, 768mb in my powerbook. Haven't really run out lately though, so I don't feel so bad 🙂

  7. 1 GB in my PowerMac G5 at work.

    768 MB in my iMac G4 at home. (ordered it with the standard 256 MB in the hard to reach slot, then bought a 512 MB DIMM elsewhere)

  8. 1 GB in my PowerBook.

  9. 1.5GB (3x512 MB) in me g4 DP 800MHz

    1GB (1x512 MB + 2x256MB) in my Athalon 1.4MHz

    1GB (4x256 MB) in my g3 450 MHz

    384MB (1x256 + 1x128-onboard) in my iBook 600Mhz (pre-Quartz Extreme)

    I tend to have a lot of ram, because I like having a lot of applications open, and often one of them is a graphics app, and the other is a game in both cases where RAM is a significant advantage over swapping.

  10. 1 GB in my desktop Dual G4/500, and the stock 512 in my 1.25 GHz PowerBook.

  11. 64mb in my primary (only) machine, a (green) rev a imac , 333mhz running jaguar. sort of...

  12. I've got 512mb on my PB17" and wanted to upgrade another 512mb. So off I went to Apple Center and they put in a Kingston RAM and the first one didn't show up in the system, so they put in a second one and it didn't show up too. And it seems that Panther has some problem with Kingston memory card after reading some discussion on Apple's website. I don't know how true this is.

  13. 256MB in a 233MHz G3 iMac running Panther (quite happily I might add: hard drive size is the issue, not RAM).