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Some iTunes Stats

As of right now, I have 9235 songs, 35304 listens, 104.9 days of music, 3.8 listens/song, and my favorite song is "Up!" by Shania Twain. These statistics are courtesy of iTunes PlayStats.

I've long wanted to create an entire application that analyzed people's playlists, showed them charts and graphs of their genres, which artists they had polar opinions on, and so on. Since nobody would pay for that, the idea has always been shuttled aside as a "when I have free time" project. And hey, as soon as I have free time, I'll be sure to get right on it!

9 Responses to "Some iTunes Stats"

  1. I would *definitely* pay for that, especially if I could network with my friends and do some sort of intelligent suggesting thing (i.e., one of my best friends rates genres similarly to me, suggest her top 25 songs that are not in my library). Combining trust metrics and stats. Yum! I'd pay for it without that, though, too. Just not as much.

  2. ? (it may be a start)

  3. Check out Music Mobs.

  4. iTunes and iChat Stats

    Erik posted a link to a really neat application called iTunes Playstats. Since I am somewhat of a stat geek, here are my statistics. Songs: 3738 Listens: 15828 (geez thats a lot of music) Duration: 41.8 days Average: 4.2 listens/song...

  5. 105 days of music with only 9000 songs? Your average song length is 16.8 minutes?

  6. Hey, thanks for the link to Music Mobs, Jackson. I appreciate it!

  7. I have some audio books that probably taint the length, eh? 🙂

  8. cheater!;)

  9. I liked this iTunes/iPod stats thing on Facebook, "What's on my iPod?" but I wanted to get the stats without having to upload my file all the time. So, I taught myself a little VB Script and wrote a rudimentary stats/metrics program. It basically spits out a bunch of numbers and lists to a date-stamped file and it takes about a minute to run for every 1,000 songs you have. For me, it takes just over 3 minutes to run on my aging home PC (with nearly 5,000 songs).

    You can save it anywhere on your PC and double-click on it and it should run. You may need to have VB.NET installed, so you can go to the Microsoft Updates site for that. I am VERY interested in feedback on this, and I'd welcome enhancements to the script as well.

    You can get information and download it at: