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Drivers Licenses and Driving Ads

I returned some walkie talkies that didn't work yesterday to Sports Authority and they asked for my driver's license. They swiped the driver's license, then, and the whole thing made me wonder "why the hell do they need it?" I'm still not sure why. Perhaps I'll try refusing next time…

On the way home, I saw a truck pulling a trailer which had nothing but a large A-frame (two-sided). Plastered on each slope of the "A" was an ad. The sole purpose of this extra gas-wasting car in my way is apparently to get me to buy non-aluminum siding from who knows who at a special "Spring" price? I don't think so.

One Response to "Drivers Licenses and Driving Ads"

  1. Those driving ad trucks are acutally illegal in some places. Apparently in CA they are, but the fines are small enough that they are considered part of the cost of business.