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QotD: Health Club

Question: Are you a member of or do you exercise at a health club?

My Answer: No. My apartment complex has an exercise room as well, but I don't use that. I simply lead an active lifestyle that involves lots of activities.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Health Club"

  1. I started training wing chun a month ago. Sure, it's a martial art, but I started more for the excersice than being able to kick some ass.

  2. I started doing physical exercise seriously about half a year ago. Im down from 122kg. to 108kg. and still loosing weight.

    I try to work out every day. Its easy right now because I am unemployed. I can only hope I have the time to do it when I get a job.

  3. No, I can work out for free at any of my university's many fitness centers, so it wouldn't really make sense to join a club.