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Old Timer Fascism

I think it's funny that I've been labelled an "old timer fascist" by someone who's too cowardly to post a real name. On Slashdot, of all places. Some facts, as always, are in order:

  1. I've never moderated cocoa-dev. Hell, I haven't even posted in months.
  2. I did moderate my own Cocoa-Pro list, but never banned anyone (except for one guy who had a spamming virus).
  3. I'm hardly an Old-Timer. I'm 26 and got into serious Mac programming in 2000.
  4. Cocoa-Pro has not been in existence for months.
  5. My name is not spelled "Eric."
  6. Scott is a good guy.
  7. Aaron is a good guy.
  8. Both of them have written books, and my name appears on one of them. Both books are very helpful and very much geared towards helping developers get started with Cocoa.
  9. I've never had much conversation with Marco, but he's probably an OK guy too.
  10. I can be a bit of a prick sometimes. Who isn't? I don't go around posting drivel like this chap has, though.

This person has gone off on a rather baseless rant and it is amusing on a tragical/comedical platform. This person, though not quite deserving of pity, certainly needs a few more (correct) facts before deciding that I'm an "irrelevant idiot."

4 Responses to "Old Timer Fascism"

  1. You know you've hit it big when anonymous cowards on Slashdot flame you.

  2. You have to love folks like that. I got a lot of anonymous coward slams for an article I did for a couple of days ago about a "tip" in a book that if followed could open potential security holes.

    If you're going to argue with someone, more less call the wrong or insult them, you should at least have the guts to post your name and log in to the system.

    I can totally sympathize with you man.

    Take care,

    -- Dave Giffin

  3. In my opinion, the name thing really doesn't matter. I likely won't meet any of the people that post and therefore don't really care if they have a name or a nickname. Any familiarity is only with whatever they call themselves and I'm not a stickler for having a real name since the notion is trivial, in my opinion. That said, the default name given by Slashdot, "Anonymous Coward", is quite apt.

    When I made the switch to Cocoa, I found a great community of people to help me. When I first looked at REALbasic, I found an incredible community that is very supportive and helpful. When I first learned to program, I remember people taking the time to answer my questions. I really have no idea what this guy is talking about when it comes to hating new developers. Unless enterprise-level programmers are somehow hated worse than newbies, I can't imagine much of any direct contention occurring. That is, in the exception of Andrew Stone's intense dislike of everything Carbon. God help any poor switcher that asks him for advice in Carbon. 😛

  4. I think you handled the whole thing rather well. That's another win against the a. cowards.