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QotD: Misspelling

Question: Do people commonly misspell your name?

My Answer: Grrrrrrrrr. 🙂

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19 Responses to "QotD: Misspelling"

  1. If being called Jason for 21 years of your life is a mispelling, then yes, yes they do. grrrrr

  2. People used to spell my name "Keven" when I was younger which annoyed me no end since Kevin should be an easy name to spell.

  3. Oh yeah... I often get Griffin, Giffen or even Geffen. I got in the habit years ago of telling people, "It's Griffin without the 'R'". The often still misspell it.

    -- Dave Giffin


  4. Among my dad's cousins, there are multiple different spellings of our last name. People always get confused as to whom spells it how.

    ...and whenever I reference your work, I make an effort to get your name right, but I slip up every so often.

  5. As a Collin with two 'l's, yes. I always get people putting one 'l' in my name and thus pronouncing it Colin (as in Powell), instead of with a short 'o'.

  6. Somehow the College Board got my last name as Hala. I swear I bubbled in "e", but oh well. My Grandma does mistake me for my uncle Kevin, and when I had really really short hair she would mistake me for my cousins Matt & Jeff.

  7. Look at my last name (it's pronounced "file"). I mean, come on. I can _spell it out_ for people and they still get it wrong. It takes most people three tries: "P H" "No, P F." "P F I" "No, it's E I" "P F E I L?" "Yep."

    Of course, the opposite is also entertaining ... watching someone start by saying "Greg Puh-feel? Is that how that's pronounced?"

  8. Andrew is REALLY easy to recall...or at least I thought. I had a piano teacher who I could not convince that I was in fact Andrew, and not Andre. It was kind of irritating.

    Um, does that count here? 😛

  9. A lot of people insist on spelling my name "Thomas", with the "H", even though they've most certainly seen me spell it without it.

    The surname, however, (which is "Jogin") everybody just _pronounces_ wrong.

  10. My names are very common here in Sweden. A quick look at SCB ("Statistical Central Bureau") gives 171949 men named Johan, and 113906 Svenssons.

    Johan is the sixth most common male surname with my middle name, Karl, at third place and 226018 Karls all over the country. Svensson ranks ninth among most common surnames.

    "Erik" is the most common first name in Sweden. 🙂

    But it's really hard to misspell my names, given the abundance of kings and royalties named Karl and Johan in Swedish history.

  11. Ha, funny story here. My first name, Caleb, is often misspelled, but this particular example has lived on in a certain amount of infamy. It was ~11 years ago, or so. I was out with some friends, getting lunch in a sandwich shop where you give your order to a clerk, who takes your name. Then when your sandwich is done, they call you out by name to come fetch it. So I order my sandwich, the clerk asks for my name, and I say 'Caleb'. Didn't mumble or anything, just said my name. Fortunately I was watching, because this guy wrote down K-L-O-R. I wasn't about to correct him, because it was just too funny.

    So they made my sandwich, and a different guy called out my name, as written, 'Klor!'.

    That's the worst, but my name is frequently written incorrectly in less gratuitous manners all the time. Kalib, Kalub, Caylub, Calib, you name it.

    I'm pretty used to it anymore, in fact, it is always a sort of game to see what the pizza guy writes on the box.


  12. I've gotten used to looking for my name under common misspellings... Joe-Pete, Jopete, Joepete, etc. The problem is that it's not the "proper" spelling of "Joe," and a hyphen is never assumed.

    The real fun is in trying to tell people my name the first time they meet me. I'll often introduce myself as "Jo-Pete," because I'm usually in an informal setting, and they'll respond that they're "Jon Doe," giving last name as well as first. I think have to explain that Jo-Pete's my first name, and I've gotten quick at taking out an ID card to show that yes, it really is my name, yes, it really is hyphenated, and yes, it's a dang cool name 😀

  13. No. I'm not a part of this club. I have three rather common first names that make up my name.

    David Benjamin Martin

    I can't remember ever seeing someone get it wrong.

  14. The other Caleb here, same thing for me. One of my favorite pizza places by my college does the name thing. Its always a game to see what they put down, luckily I get a receipt with it on so I know what I should be listening for.

    Like Justin though just as often people call me something else. Its like there was some sort of unanimous decision that Jacob should be my name. I get called that by distant relatives, people I've just met, etc. that can't remember my name.

    I've misspelled Erik's name before. Its usually one of those lets see he spells it the 'normal' way or with the k, well I keep getting it wrong so it must be the opposite of whatever I thought of first.

  15. It's funny how many people who have known me for years still spell my name(zach) as zack. But the real problem is the polishness of my last name which usually gets people when they try to pronounce it, rather than spell it, because I never give them a chance to misspell it.

    "K-O-W-A-L-C as in cat-Z as in zebra-Y-K"

    Almost everyone takes a couple seconds to think about the C and the Z before they write the YK. And quite often the person forgets what the last two letters were and I have to say them again.

  16. ALL THE TIME 🙂 My first name is Lloyd.. it's always funny to see people try and spell it when I go out for dinner. Loydd.. Loid.. Lyod.. Lyodd.. *sigh*

  17. Well, it's hard to misspell my first name (although I do get the occasional "Jim") but my last name is problematic. It seems most Americans (or at least those living in southern California) just can't handle German names.

  18. I also don't get misspellings, although i often give my full name of "Timothy Martin" to people in business settings and i get annoyed that so many people automatically assume "Tim." As far as i'm concerned, you can use a shortened form of my name if and when i tell you that you can! 😛

    I also get a fair number of people who remember my name as "Martin", which is just the curse of having three first names. (Hey David, my middle name is also Benjamin!)

  19. Hey all well my name is Caitlin and I get mane different versions from my prcious 'C' being a 'K' (yuch) and my second prscious 'I' being either an 'e', 'a' or 'y'!! not gus..People usually get my last name but i have to speack very cleary and sumtimes say i-n-g-r-a-M not ingham etc...