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Public Storage

I didn't think renting storage space was so costly. $83/month gets me a 5 x 15 non-A/C storage space for my kayaks. $83/month! My last year of college that's almost what I spent on food each month. Jeepers! The bum of it all is that, as I'm storing my kayaks, I won't need about eight of the ten feet I'm provided in the vertical direction. I may make some kind of rack, though, and house the kayaks one above the other or something like that, leaving room on the side for… Hell if I know. Can you sublet a storage space? 🙂

4 Responses to "Public Storage"

  1. Can't you find room to store it somewhere in your home? Like perhaps vertically in a closet, or in a corner or something? Perhaps you've already contemplated that? 😉

  2. Dude, it's a 12' and a 14' kayak. With rudders on the rear (adding another - and very delicate - 6"). 😛

  3. You can sublet storage space. You can sublet/rent/sell pretty much anything actually.

    I am needing to get a storage unit for this summer after I graduate because I will be out of state and in between leases. I am getting a large air-conditioned unit and sharing or 'subletting' it to two friends. I call it defraying the costs because I am poor and one of the cheap people you typically disdain 🙂 -- you can call it subletting though.

  4. Have you seen this clear foldable kayak?

    Clear Blue Hawaii: Napali

    I saw it in Wired a while back, but I remember it being pricey...not sure what it goes for now. It's an interesting concept though. I'm also not sure of it's durability. Above all, it certainly *looks* neat! 😛