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QotD: Sick Days

Question: Do you use your sick days liberally or hoard them?

My Answer: I'm a hoarder. I've never called in sick. I'm tempted to use one soon.

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8 Responses to "QotD: Sick Days"

  1. I hoard everything.

    I like to spend/use all at once. You get bigger, better things that way.

  2. We've got a sort of use 'em or lose 'em policy, so I sprinkle mine liberally throughout the year.

  3. Since mine are there to support me between getting sick and long term disability I'm hoarding them at present. Once I reach the cap I can transfer them to vacation time at a 2:1 ratio (two sick days become one vacation day, or is ti 3:1?) I don't really have a need to use them though, as I accrue vacation at two days/month. It's kinda hard taking that much time off per year. The curse of University employment I guess. Yes, I'm paid less than I would be in the private sector, but the vacation and retirement are better than anything I had when I was working in the 'real world'.

  4. yeah, thirteen years of school, and a grand total of two absences. my dad has a philosophy such as this: unless you are facing immiment death, or are physically incapable of going, you go. ive gone to school with strep throat, mono, fresh stitches, the same day as surgery, etc. better yet, one of the days i missed was because i transfered schools in the middle of january, and didnt get in until three in the afternoon. but hey, i got a little pin in middle school for perfect attendace...

  5. I specifically took at least one day off per year so I didn't get perfect attendance. I called it my "mental health day" and my mother, a teacher, allowed me that one day per year.

  6. Oh, sick...

    NSLog(); - QotD: Sick Days Do you use your sick days liberally or hoard them? 184 sick hours. 86 vacation. I do, so badly, need a break....

  7. I used to hoard them but then I realized I was one of the few people showing up to work every flipping day and my company doesn't allow us to convert sick time to vacation time; so I've started to use them a lot more liberally than in the past.

  8. Actually, I'm taking one right now. Damn, do I feel lousy.

    We don't have a set number of sick days, we have a use-them-as-you-need-them policy. I assume if somebody was taking advantage of this policy, they'd soon have lots of free time.