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Consultant 2.21 and MacAddict Reviews

Hey hey, it's my MacAddict review of Consultant 2.21! Blast from the past. I had to look this up for one reason or another today and thought I might link to it here to save myself the trouble at a later time. Other reviews of mine (they don't list features on their Web site, unfortunately):
Scriptware 1.08, Fireworks 1.0, Fireworks 2.0, WebPainter 3, ImageReady 1.0, PhotoTools 3.0, Anarchie Pro 3.0 and Transit 1.1.1, DiskWarrior 1.0.2, Intellihance 4.0, Kai's Power Tools 5.0, PhotoGraphics 1.0, Virtual GameStation 1.2, and Spring Cleaning 3.0.

Of course, I may have missed a few in there… These trips down memory lane get longer and foggier every year, don't they? 🙂