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QotD: Rumors

Question: Which rumor do you wish was actually true?

My Answer: I've left this open-ended, though I expect most answers will deal with Mac-related things. I haven't got any rumors I wish to be true. I don't need a PDA. I don't need a new portable. I don't need a new display. I don't need Apple-branded cars or Segways. I don't need Sony or Disney to buy any other companies. I'm happy with the way things are.

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8 Responses to "QotD: Rumors"

  1. Some new G5's would be nice right about now...

  2. Personally, I could groove with an iPod PDA with wireless. It would be a useful and cool toy. I hate having to deal with Palm interaction with OS X and finding (or writting custom) apps to sync various data and needs.

  3. New G5s and monitors since I want to buy them. 🙂

  4. A few months ago I found myself wanting an Apple phone. I originally though this was a place Apple should stay out of, but the more phones I play around with, the more I realize how badly the industry needs the Apple touch.

    Recently, though, I've pretty much stopped carrying my phone around with me because I didn't want it to control my life. I still use it at home, but I'm not sure I'd pay for a "nice" phone at this point.

  5. The neatest idea I have heard of so far is the Apple branded TiVo. I honestly couldn't really care about any Apple rumors right now, though, the mindset of Mac rumor sites infuriates me.

  6. I heard this crazy rumour that I'm the sole direct descendant of some really rich old geezer. It could also have been a dream.

  7. Man, I’m waiting for Apple to make an eBook device. All the current generation are horrendous. I mean, the attraction of an eBook should be a better reading experience than on a computer. Who can read a book on a Palm Pilot? Not fun, I tell you.

    There needs to be something with 200 dpi and 350:1 contrast ratio. Ideally, something that has two screens – protected when closed, like a book when open.

    Apple has repeatedly shown that you don’t have to have the lowest price to be a success in the market, but that seems to be the only factor of interest to current eBook companies.