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Smart Geek for Hire

Is anyone in the south Florida area looking for a smart geek? (Is there any other kind?) I know of one who is eminently employable. Drop me a line via email or, preferably, AIM, and I'll put you in touch with him. Said geek is a PHP/MySQL developer, Cocoa developer, Mac guru, Unix afficionado, and all-around bright guy capable of doing nearly anything. Best yet, he's fairly cheap! 🙂

P.S. Me? Nah. A friend. Really. A good, smart, close friend.

2 Responses to "Smart Geek for Hire"

  1. Is the "said geek" in your plug by chance, the venerable Justin Williams, of fame ?

    He's definintely your "over-the-top" Mac Geek, and he was bitching about Indiana no too long ago ... so Florida might not be too far away 🙂

  2. It's not. But, if Justin wanted a job in the next six months, I may be able to hook him up.