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QotD: Pot

Question: Have ya ever smoked pot? And don't give me any "I didn't inhale" jokes either.

My Answer: Ummm, nope.

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18 Responses to "QotD: Pot"

  1. All the time. May I ask though, what are you reasons for not smoking? I think too many people give bullshit excuses like "its illegal" or "its just wrong" but then go and buy beer when they're in high school. There are many perfectly fine reasons to not smoke marijuana, but no one ever gives them, they hide behind government fueled lies and fear. imho, at least.

  2. Well, from the contact I've had with pot smokers, I've gotten headaches. Also, I'm fairly mellow when I'm just hanging out, so why would I need a chemical to help me? I prefer to remain clear-headed and active rather than cloudy and languid. I don't drink beer either, really, and I rarely take any medication outside of an Aleve now and then.

  3. Nope, I've never used any drugs other than the socially accepted ones, like alcohol and caffeine. Oh, and some stuff I got medical prescriptions for.

  4. nope, and I doubt I ever will.

    I agree, Charles, some people buy into the "Reefer Madness" stuff but then go and get drunk. It's stupid. My reasons for avoiding marijuana are: 1) If I can help it I don't want to be intoxicated, whether it is from alchohol or THC reacting with some crazy receptor in my brain, or anything else (I don't drink either, but at least you can do that without getting drunk, nobody smokes without getting high); 2) I get enough smoke in my lungs every day from the darn cars, I don't need to go out of my way to inhale any extra; 3) Pot is psychologically addictive, I don't need another pain-killing-but-life-inhibiting habbit; 4) Regardless of the most recent medical study, people I know who smoke pot either will do anything for a high (including much more destructive drugs than marijuana), or they just don't care about anything, or they actually think a chemical can "enlighten" them.

    I don't know, it's probably not as bad as I think of it, but I'll live a good enough life without the crazy chemicals 🙂

  5. Yes. It was called College and I miss it.

  6. No, never. Pot and the like is pretty uncommon among normal non-criminals over here.

  7. A handful of times. Last time was about two years ago, the night before I moved out of Chicago.

    Never cared enough to actually make any effort to obtain some. I've only ever smoked pot when someone else happened to have it.

    I don't particularly miss it. Last time, I nearly puked. (Probably due to the smoke, not the THC. I'm not a smoker. My friends were coaching me on technique.)

  8. Once. It was during a campout in North Florida with my fraternity brothers during the fall semester. Some guys were smoking pot from a pipe, and I figured what the hell.

    That night, I had the worst migraine headache known to man. Imagine stuffing a basketball into a baseball-- that's what my head would have felt like. I have never, and will never smoke pot again.

  9. I got straight edge... I don't get drunk or use any illegal drugs.

  10. No

  11. I feel like I should respond, if just to even things out. I smoke pot at least a couple of times a month, sometimes more. Often it will be before a concert, listening to music, or going to see a movie. For some reason the mj makes me 'feel' music more deeply. In such a way that I am totally enraptured by it. That's not a great explanation, but it will have to do.

  12. I've done it twice so far. The thing is, there are less liable reasons why not to do it than there are to do it in the first place. I'm not talking about personal reasons, just in general. If there's a personal reason why you don't smoke, that's fine, I have no problem with that. It's the people who believe all these lies that they grew up thinking were fact and don't make an effort to find out the truth who make me angry. I should probably start by making a few corrections.

    "Well, from the contact I've had with pot smokers, I've gotten headaches."

    I'm not sure about the people that you know, but the people that I know who smoke and are NOT preps, are actually extremely enlightened and open-minded people, and are the nicest people I know. They don't live for the pot; they live for the truth.

    "I prefer to remain clear-headed and active rather than cloudy and languid."

    From experience, you have complete control over your decisions, and you can remember everything that you do. At least, that's how it was for me. It simply affects your coordination, so while you know what you're doing, it's a little hard to go through with it sometimes, lol. But it's not as if you're going to smoke before an important event, or driving, or something like that. That's just stupid, heh.

    "(I don't drink either, but at least you can do that without getting drunk, nobody smokes without getting high)"

    Not intentionally, hehehe. The first time, after 2 bowl hits, and 4 or 5 from a joint, I didn't feel anything. Most don't their first time, and those who did think that they're full of shit. 😮

    "I get enough smoke in my lungs every day from the darn cars, I don't need to go out of my way to inhale any extra"

    Two completely different situations. If you think that both smoke inhalations are the same, you should read up more carefully on both of them. One is pollution, and one is recreational, for starters.

    "Pot is psychologically addictive, I don't need another pain-killing-but-life-inhibiting habbit"

    You're right that there is no physical dependence, though psychological addiction depends on the person and what they want from the substance. You make the decision to smoke every day, on weekends, or one or twice a month. It all depends on how much you allow yourself to fall to it. Heavy use will lead to more long-lasting effects, such as a tar intake of 7 to 1 compared to cigarettes.

    "Regardless of the most recent medical study, people I know who smoke pot either will do anything for a high"

    This kind of takes from a my previous explanations about preps: people who will do anything to get high and fit in with those around them. They live up to others and not themselves, and don't bother finding truths out for themselves. Contrary to those you know, me and all of my friends will defend no other drug except pot. We don't even consider it a drug; it's an herb, and the real drugs like coke ARE addictive, and CAN kill you. When choosing friends, I never do it through pot, but rather smoke it through friends that I've known for years and will accept me regardless of whether or not I do it. It's for myself.

    "That night, I had the worst migraine headache known to man."

    Quite uncommon. This falls under "personal reasons", unless of course you were mixing the pot with something like alcohol, which could be fatal since pot gives you an "endless stomach", where you'd drink yourself to death without knowing it.

    Man, that was a lot longer than I expected it to be, lol. Sorry that this is kind of late, too. Google. You know. I'm interested to know, for those of you who do smoke pot, why you do it, in general? Again, not personal reasons.

  13. Greg, your responses to my statements are rather invalid. I've gotten headaches from second-hand smoke and you comment about the intellect of the smokers? C'mon. Then you go so far as to "educate" us that car exhaust and cigarette smoke is different? Uhmmm, duh???

  14. I'm talking about pot, not cigarettes. o_o Cigarettes are disgusting. And in response to your statement about exhaust and smoke, I felt the same way when THE PERSON I WAS QUOTING said that it's pretty much the same thing.


    I also find this website to be extremely informative of the truths about pot.

  16. some people like rock & roll, some like classical music. some people like to play sports, others like to read.

    the point is that this comes down to individual opinion. and usually there inst much point in trying to change someones.

    people like doing different things because they are different. if u dont like pot stay away from it. dont hang out with people who smoke it,

    its pretty fucking simple. for those people who do shouldnt be upset if someone is uninformed or just plain dislikes it.

    perhabes the fact that it is fopa to some adds to the fun and mystique of it. of all the things in this world around you that need attention,

    this topic gets way too much time and effort devoted to it. there are worse people, and worse

    behaviors to concern yourself with then a silly plant that leave its user, giggling and docile.

    its people that abuse everything that can be abused. whether its a gun, plant, or pill. you will never make forward progress

    in your thoughts if you continue to give the wrong things credit for questionable behavior.

    its is very hard to break the habit of refusing personal responsibility, this seems to be a human trait.

    the key to most things in life is moderation.

    there are appropriate and inappropriate times for everything. you should take all of these

    opinions with a grain of salt. people spread impure information for the simple sake

    of getting their 2 cents in. life is short u have one shot, live it to the fullest and accept the

    personal responsibilities for your actions, whether conformative or controversial.


  17. If any of you are going to try to preach about Marijuana to others you should do some research first. Search google for information and read up on legit articles. You'd prolly be surprised to find out that caffeine is more addictive(period, no buts..), not a single person has ever died from the use of marijuana (unlike alcohol or even Aleve!!,) I mean, there is a reason why it is legal for medical use in the first place and it WILL become completely decriminalized within a decade or two in the US, if not sooner.

    Alcohol is infinitely more toxic to your body considering it's not possible to overdose on Pot.

    Fact: Alcohol is more toxic to your body than "Magic" mushrooms.

    Nobody I know that smokes pot fairly often(which is a lot of people) has any trouble controlling the use of it. I know many people that get tested for sports so they use it in the summer(sometimes heavily) and can easily stop for the whole year.

    It's extremely rare for marijuana to cause a headache, and if you researched this you would find that this has been noted as a first time side-effect and is still extremely rare- way less than 1%. Most likely you got a headache from breathing too much second hand smoke.. from cigs in the room maybe or possibly but unlikely just the potsmoke. Marijuana is actuallly used to relieve headaches and this is the experience everyone I know has.

    There are vaporizers and other non smoking ways(eating) to get all the effects of pot that are completely healthy as well.

    There are many many more facts about marijuana out there to be found. Just search the web...

  18. First, let me start off by telling everyone to go to my website. Yes I smoke pot. About once a week, maybe once every couple weeks. I have never been caught, and never smoke before important events. I don't feel the need to smoke, and although I enjoy the way it feels, I don't have any trouble with quitting for months. I play basketball, and was able to quit long enough to pass a drug test before the season started, and I didn't smoke at all during the season. 5 months later, I still only smoke about once every 1-2 weeks. In my opinion, everyone should try it once. Then if you like it, you like it. If you don't then at least you have a clue what the hell you're talking about before you say how bad it is. The only negative effects I've ever experienced are occasional paranoia (which goes away after the 2 hours or so when I come down) and if I fall asleep high, I sometimes feel a little slow/dazed for a few hours in the morning. I always make sure and try to smoke in a situation where it will be fun and I can just chill, and I don't have anything to worry about.