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WO Developers in South Florida

Are there any WebObjects developers in South Florida? Are there any available WebObjects developers in South Florida?

I can't say much about the possible plans right now, but needless to say from what I've written above, I'm putting out a feeler right now to see if there's anyone around. I may need them soon (in the next four months) for ongoing employment (i.e. not a two-month gig).

Don't send résumés or anything. This is the earliest of feelers. It may go nowhere.

7 Responses to "WO Developers in South Florida"

  1. Erik:

    I don't know of anyone in S. Florida using WO. However, there are a bunch of people (Disney, AAA) in the Orlando area using it.

    You could probably tempt at least on of these developers to help you out...

  2. Is there a strict requirement for them to be in Florida? I know a few in Canada who would be more then willing...

  3. Hi, Erik.

    If you don't get the responses you want from your post here, you might post a quick message to It's sure to get more exposure there, and to the right audience.

    If you're willing to work with a telecommuters, I'm sure you'd find many willing developers, including me... 🙂

  4. I am curious about why it has to be S. Florida, what with all the possibilities technologies such as telephones and the internet provide. I can hardly remember the faces of most of my clients -- symptom of a changing world -- occasionally quite a blessing, in fact. If you want to find someone to work on a project, I would recommend thinking globally.

  5. Kris, that's ridiculous. Yes, telecommuting works for some people. But if you're going to have a seven-person operation with three developers, you want them around, not "who knows where?"

  6. Erik, a few years late, but did you find any? If so, we need to connect to create a S Florida user group. There is 2 of us in my group, and are also training Java developers to work with WO. Within the next month or so there should be at least 4 of us.

  7. [quote comment="50201"]Erik, a few years late, but did you find any?[/quote]

    Four years late, yes. And I've moved on from that project for… about four years. 😉