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QotD: Payments

Question: What monthly payment do you hate making most?

My Answer: My scooter payment. I need to sell my scooter for a small profit, pay this off, and apply the rest of the money to something else. I rarely get out on the scooter anymore. Anyone want a $2500 scooter with less than 500 km on it for $1250?

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3 Responses to "QotD: Payments"

  1. My TV license. Here in Sweden, there's a law that mandates a yearly fee for anyone owning a device capable of receiving TV signals. This money funds the state television, unlike the other channels that are ad-supported.

    That sucks, since it feels like I'm forced to fork over my money to something I never use -- the only thing I use my TV for is to play Xbox/Gamecube and watch DVDs.

  2. Car payment, but its really the only one I got right now.

  3. I *might* be interested in your scooter. My GF and I live in DC and she needs to commute to her university in the mornings -- 530 am -- before the metro is running, so generally she takes an inconvenient shuttle. Luckily, I can just walk to work.

    Recently, her sister and I have been thinking about putting some money together and buying her a scooter for her birthday. Do you have some info on it that I can check out?

    I have *no* idea where you are; it may be inconvenient to get a scooter all the way over here on the east coast, since I assume you're a westerner.

    Oh, and my least favorite payment is auto insurance. I have a perfect driving record, and I drive my essentially useless car *maybe* once a week, since I shop and commute by foot or bicycle. but, I'm a man and I'm young so I pay three times what women with spotty driving records pay.