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By the By

By the way, there may or may not be a slight bump in "Apple coverage" here in the coming weeks given that they're no longer my employer. 🙂 Ahhhh, the beach! How I missed thee!

8 Responses to "By the By"

  1. Sorry to hear that(?). How come they're not?

  2. Banking on PulpFiction leading to a FSS IPO? 😛

  3. What happened?

  4. Holy poop on a stick!

  5. Oh c'mon Matt, like you expect a story? Apple's a great company for which to work. I've got other things going on in my life right now - FSS being one of 'em. The company's great… just not all of the people are.

    Full story will probably be out… never. Or, at the earliest, when everything is said and done. But probably never.

  6. Only reason I ask is because i'm part of the family you left, so when somebody leaves, it's disheartening.

  7. Fair enough. You're more than welcome to IM me too. What I say to my friends and what's posted here are two very different things.

  8. Heh, so as a newly hired Apple employee, should I be take this as a bad sign?