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QotD: Dating

Question: asks you to choose among the following choices when picking your "ideal date." Which would you choose?

My Answer: I'll list the answers in the extended entry. I will say that they were missing the best choice: "Good Company: doing anything so long as it's with someone who's unique and cool." I don't care if that's a walk on the beach or a day at a baseball game. It's the company that matters.

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

A cappuccino and fat-free latte, the scent of cinnamon and freshly baked scones echoing my warm fuzzy feeling

A decadent dinner so good we could eat it with our bare hands, both of us satisfied but eager to see the dessert tray

Blissful pain of the tattoo needle, my name in barbed wire on your bicep to match your name emblazoned on my chest

Boot scootin' across gritty floorboards, the band playing what we'll soon remember as "our song"

Carefree shopping spree, indulging our boutique desires and department store fantasies, too many packages preventing us from holding hands

Clinging for our lives to an impossibly flat rock face, our climbing ropes dangerously yet romantically intertwined

Commanding the dance floor, a sea of sweaty bodies illuminated by strobe lights while we gyrate to pounding rhythms

Exciting highway jaunt at 95mph, screaming expletives at other drivers who dare to swerve into our path

Quiet cuisine shared in the unequalled comfort of home and served by the best chef in town — me

Reciprocal psychoanalysis, the box of tissues at our side soon depleted as we both reveal our wounded inner children

Refreshingly funny conversation over soup and sandwiches, sharing a smile before we return to work for the afternoon

Sensual stroll along the beach, the sunset reflected in our eyes as we hold hands and enjoy the tide

Thoughtful observations on art and culture, stopping for a few precious moments to enjoy cocoa at the museum's cafe

Uncontrollable laughter segueing into embarrassingly loud snorting... Who knew we'd have so much in common?

Verdant conversations over cobblestone paths, each of us captivated by the perfume of blooming perennials

3 Responses to "QotD: Dating"

  1. Kinda OT, but my big complaint about things like is that they never seem to be interested in serving my particular fetish. ;^)

    Short hair on girls. Not hard butch short. But Halle Berry, Josie Bissett, Janeane Turner, Sela Ward short.

  2. Also, they never seem to care that I don't particularly want to date a black woman.

  3. I'd recommend looking towards OKCupid. Free, and fantastic.