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Sounds Like a Job…

For example, I have about 14 friends who, when they post on their blogs, have the same expectation that their friends will have read the post as if they had sent the post in email to the friends. While skimming through the roughly 400 posts a day, it would be nice if I had this 'must' list so I could stay in low gear in one folder, then return to 'skim' gear for the rest.

Sounds like a job for PulpFiction.

3 Responses to "Sounds Like a Job…"

  1. Tease. ::sigh::

  2. What aggregator is that person using? In NNW or Shrook you can make a folder and put important feeds in it to make sure you don't miss anything.

  3. (That person's me 🙂

    I use Bloglines. I can set it up with folders for different priorities, but I just haven't yet. It was more a lament of my own sloth in configuring my feeds than a treaste on the failings of current RSS readers.

    Not to say that there aren't a lot of ways that RSS could be made much, much better. I'm looking forward to fiction of the pulpy kind.