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QotD: Desktop Rotation

Question: How often do you change your desktop picture?

My Answer: Today I set it to change every 5 minutes for the first time ever (outside of a demonstration). For the previous, oh, eight years I've changed my desktop picture about every three weeks.

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14 Responses to "QotD: Desktop Rotation"

  1. I have it set to change every day... I used to change it whenever I took a really cool picture (ranging from 1-3 weeks).

  2. You should take periodic screenshots of your desktop and add it to your website, I always love looking at people's desktops.

  3. It really depends on my mood... sometimes I change it several times a day, other times I let it stay the same for weeks at a time and sometimes I get an odd urge to set an auto rotation for short intervals... Usually when I'm doing a lot of terminal work just for variety (my terms are partially transparent, so it's cool to see new pics fade into existence behind them sometimes. Throwback to my old Linux days).

  4. One my primary machine (my powerbook) the desktop picture changes every time I wake it from sleep.

    On my non-primary machines, I pick a desktop picture and stay with it until I get sick enough to change it.

  5. About every 6 months.

  6. I change it any length of time between 3 hours to 1 month, usually 🙂

  7. mine is set to change every 5 minutes, but come to think of it why bother since my desktop is always clutter with windows everywhere.

  8. Heh, I've been using this since it was taken, before that... I dunno. Probably another one of nat's photos, I like a lot of them (and they're of a decent size, I can't stand wallpaper sites that only distribute 800,1024 and 1280 sizes).

  9. At home: I change it only if I find something that I really want on my desktop that looks cool, and that's not very often. I've had my Jango Fett pic since before Episode II came out.

    At work: I have OS X to change the desktop pic every day.

  10. Almost never. I've had the same drawing as a background picture for nearly seven years; It has outlasted many computers. When I have a second monitor plugged in, though, I change that background every couple of weeks.

  11. I am a lame ass and have it on the default blue whatever you call it. Never change it and probably n ever will. That is until a new one ships with 10.4. I'm plain, and evidently a fan boy for Apple desktops.

  12. I have a folder of about 40 or 50 desktop pictures (changes when I add pictures or cull old ones) that changes every 30 minutes.

  13. As often as Pixelgirl changes 'Sexy Desktops'.

  14. On my PowerMac G5 at work I have two screens .. the 20" Cinema Display which I use for most things, and cheap 17" LCD which has my iChat windows, my Safari "Downloads" window, and some log windows.

    On my main screen I use the default Aqua background.

    My secondary screen shows pictures from my camping trip in Utah last summer. It randomly cycles through 300 or so pictures, changing every 5 seconds. It would be obnoxious on my main screen, but it's really not bad on the other screen. Plus it impresses all the non-Mac users who see it. 🙂

    On my iMac G4 at home I just use the default Aqua background.