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UT 2004

There's something perverse about cranking up Unreal Tournament 2004 without quitting any other applications or turning off your email-checking schedules (or iChat/Adium), playing a 1920 x 1200 game with the highest settings, and wondering if there's any way to slow the framerate down so that you can see what's going on just a little better. The damn thing is just too fast!

5 Responses to "UT 2004"

  1. You could try my old Rage 128 AGP card...that should slow it down a bit. Sell it to you for a buck. 😀

  2. You want it slower? Sure, we can trade computers. 😀

  3. I'll swap you my G3-800 ibook.

    You can even turn on monitor-spanning to really beat the hell out of it's Mobility Radeon.

  4. Not to ask silly questions, but is the ut2k4 the final release? And if so, is it compatible with the PC/Linux version, or if I want to play it on my mac do I have to buy the game again? I don't see any info on a final ut2k4mac anywhere on the ut site or through google... (other than how it's expected around the same time as the PC version).

  5. UT2k4 is pretty sweet, but it's also buggy as hell. I played the demo with Instant Action quite a bit just fine, but with the full release and net games (yeah, I coulda played net before but the demo wasn't optimized enough yet) it crashes all the time. If I press any voice-chat related button (even with voice chat off) it crashes. If I don't, it still crashes halfway through the game about half the time. And this isn't just this machine, it also happens on my father's dual-2GHz G5.