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Old Flame

An old flame emailed me today. Can you have one-way flames? The gal responsible for my screen name (hey, I was eight!) contacted me tonight via a form on my software company's site. The last I heard, she'd married some rich guy and moved to Pittsburgh. Her last name is still different but she seems to have returned to the area in which we grew up to study some more.

It'd be great to catch up with her. Our relationship was one of the hundred standard high school varieties, but there were enough nice moments in there that I think of her every now and then. Tonight, it seems, she was thinking of me enough to type my name into Google. Actually, FSS shows up second in Yahoo's search and doesn't even appear on Google's first page. My domain ( forwards to FSS, currently. Anyway, who cares right? 🙂

3 Responses to "Old Flame"

  1. I just did the exact same thing your old flame did. I really struggled with it. Should I? Shouldn't I? Will he think I have some less than honorable motive? Will I intrude on his life in some awful way? It was agonizing. I read on the subject and most articles didn't condone the action. Not one could nail down a specific reason, it seemed so complicated. But honestly, the truth of it was I remembered him fondly, it had been 24 years and I wanted to tell him when I thought back that far, the memory of him was there.

    That's it. No crazy motive and no agenda. It is possible to be a normal, happy, functioning human being and want to reach out to someone you once cared about and tell them so.

    I thought life is for living, period. He hasn't emailed me back. I'm sad about that but I understand. After 24 years hearing from me out of the blue he probably thought the worst.

    It's your decision (of course), but connecting with an old friend is not a bad if your intentions are honorable.

    Best of Luck - let us know how it goes.

  2. So basically your life as it is right now is largely thanks to Google? 😉

  3. Yeah, Kevin, and if you read this story it'll fill you in on some of the later details. 🙂