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PulpFiction: Slogan

PulpFiction needs a slogan. Suggest them here in the comments. If yours is the best, you get a free copy. Beta testers who would otherwise be eligible for a free copy get a free copy of Rock Star.

To help you along, here are the slogans for some of our other products:
FTPeel: Simply Powerful FTP
MailDrop: Powerful, Personalized Mass Email
Rock Star: Hey Now, You're a Rock Star, Get Your Game On

Hmm, okay, so those aren't the best slogans either. FTPeel's is nice, MailDrop re-uses "Powerful," and Rock Star's is mostly a version of a song… Anyway, phrase away. Members of FSS are the sole judges, and from past experience, slogans that tie into the product name, the whole "orange" thing we've got going, etc. do well. Good luck!

50 Responses to "PulpFiction: Slogan"

  1. I'll have better ones but I got to run.

    From the movie; Better than a Royal with Cheese.

  2. My comment stolen!

    Humph, then how about... "You know they call a news reader in France? PulpFiction." Lame I know.

  3. PulpFiction: Like Orange Juice for your mind.

    PulpFiction: Freshly squeezed news. Your way.

  4. From Movie: You won't know the facts until you've seen the fiction.

    Software slogan:

    "Pulp Fiction: You won't know the news until you've got the fiction."

  5. PulpFiction: Content Squeezed Fresh Daily

  6. i. "Pulp your newspapers. Get your facts and your Fiction freshly squeezed."

    Or maybe not...

    ii. "Fresh content, timely, topical, relevant and... tasty."

    iii. "RSS for the rest of us"

    I give up.

  7. "Fresh news to your desktop the way your want it"

  8. Pulp Fiction: It's the one with "bad motherf***er" written on it.

  9. "Keeping your eyes peeled for you"

    "Keeping news fresh"

    -or, since it's not just for news...

    "Keeping web content fresh"

    "Delivering fresh web content"

    "Bring the news to you"

  10. PulpFiction: Freshly Squeezed Content


    PulpFiction: Freshly Squeezed Syndication

    I don't really like the last one but it does fit with your badge. 😉

  11. PulpFiction: Juice the Web.

  12. PulpFiction: Feed your Read with Speed.

  13. Everything Freshly Squeezed Is Better

    Putting Simple Back In Really Simple Syndication

    Content At Your Fingertips

    The Power Of RSS. The Simplicity of FSS.

    I dunno. 🙂

  14. [b]PulpFiction[/b]: "NetNewsWire sucks!"

    Kidding...I love NNW at the moment...but I will switch.

  15. Nothing really good but...

    PulpFiction: Nothing but juicy news, no pulp.

    PulpFiction: It's Orangetastic!

    PulpFiction: Squeeze the web and get (juicy) news.

  16. PulpFiction: News with a freshly squeezed appeal.

  17. Hows about...

    Pulp Fiction: Newsfeeds delivered straight onto your Mac.


  18. PulpFiction: Feed Me!

  19. PulpFiction: All the news that's fit to juice!

    PulpFiction: Orange you glad you didn't buy NetNewsWire? (j/k)

  20. News your way: Pulp-free or Chunky!


    News the way you want it: Acid-free or Extra Pulp!

    I also like Kevin Fox's suggestion - PulpFiction: Juice the Web.

    I would just change it to: PulpFiction: Juice your news.


  21. all your news are belong to us!

  22. PulpFiction: Squeeze more into your life.

    (or maybe "...your iLife", but I don't like that as much.)

  23. PulpFiction: Squeezing every drop out of the web

    PulpFiction: Squeezes every drop out of the web

    PulpFiction: Fresh Every Day

    PulpFiction: The web delivered to you fresh every day

  24. Hurr hurr Patrick you beat me to it ("Orange you glad...")

    How about, "You no longer have to compare apples and oranges." *groan*

    Or "100% pure, not made from concentrate." ok, no never mind.

  25. Keep yourself informed [, without the fuss].

    PulpFiction, the one that keeps your mind fresh.

    PulpFiction, and you'll never forget your news.

  26. Just the pulp, maam.

    Your web, your inbox.

    The web in your inbox.

    Mmm, pulpy. 😉

    Freshly pulped fiction.

    Making short stories out of the web.

    All the news, all the time.

    Strain your news.

    -brain hurts- I'll try again later. Hopefully more than two good ones next time.

  27. I think there's something interesting about RSS feeds and blogs in general. Using the name of the product would be a cool way of expressing the idea of how much is really out there.

    Something like, "All pulp, mostly fiction" makes sense to me.

    Or, maybe -- "The drink for your brain." (or mind, or whatever)

    If you are pulling from popular culture (i.e. the movie), you could have a slogan like:

    "Never say what again."

    (or, am I the only one who finds that funny?)

    However, when I put my marketing cap on and think about the point of an RSS client, I can imagine something a little less abstract:

    "Content poured fresh daily."

  28. Okay so it's not a slogan.

    So there I was like, reading my feeds, I've got hundreds of feeds, and then NNW was like boop boop boop and then nothing.

    It devoured my feeds. I was like, bummer man, that's a real bumber.

    They were really good feeds too, grouped just the way I liked them.

    Now I use PulpFiction and my feeds are even better. I like filter and stuff, it's like groovy man.

    -The Dude.

  29. PulpFiction: Hand Picked News

    PulpFiction: Aggregate. Consume. Produce.

    That is all I've got.

  30. PulpFiction: Seperating the Pulp from the Rest.

    PulpFiction: Squeeze the Pulp from the Fiction.

  31. PulpFiction : It's bright. It's orange. It's news.

  32. Real. Simple. Syndication made fresh.

  33. PulpFiction: Get Medieval on your RSS

  34. oops. wrong e-mail. that one's down for now. Use this one.

    Also, you might vary the punctuation in this one.

    For instance:

    Real(ly) Simple: Syndication made fresh.

    Of course, other variations are possible, but I think these two are the best.

  35. PulpFiction: Your News, Freshly Squeezed.

  36. PulpFiction: TiVo for web pages

  37. #1. PulpFiction: Squeeze your own content(news).

    #2. PulpFiction: Get the most from your content(news).

    #3. PulpFiction: Juices the web; filters seeds, pulp, pith and rind then lets you choose what you want.

    #4. PulpFiction: Drink the best (from the grove.)

    #5. PulpFiction: 100% Personalized Web. You'll need to add water.

    #6. PulpFiction: RSS juiced and filtered just the way you wanted it.

    #7. PulpFiction: Imagine distilling oranges.

    #8. PulpFiction: Apples aren't meant to have pulp.

    #9. PulpFiction: Choose your own headline.

    You never said that we had to limit the number of entries, right? I figured nine entries would give me the best odds at winning this, and I made them fairly different from each other to put new ideas into the pot. Perhaps you can just take a portion of what you want and still declare me the winner!

  38. #10. PulpFiction: Now you just need to filter fact from fiction.

    OK, that's it. It's too obvious that I am hoping for quantity to win out over quality.

  39. I really like "PulpFiction: Freshly squeezed news. Your way." by the third guy, but thought I would throw in a suggestion or two.

    Your news, your way100% of your recommended (daily) dose of news

  40. The web, from concentrate

    The concentrated web

    The concentrated web (Mix with Aqua)

  41. Man, I came in late. I like the "Juice the Web" one, but I'll try and throw in a couple myself:

    PulpFiction: Tastes Great, Less Filling

    Oh wait, sorry, wrong product.

    PulpFiction: Get the Web in your Inbox

    PulpFiction: Get the News in your Inbox

    PulpFiction: Start your day with a fresh-squeezed cup of news

    PulpFiction: Juice your life

  42. PulpFiction: The juice is out there.

  43. Theoretically, what happens if I PC user wins?

    You should make some of this cool stuff for PCs too... Not whining, just wishing.

  44. News you can use

    or a twist on that and PF's UI approach:

    News you already know how to use

  45. Yeah, I am a PC user too. I'd like to be a Mac user as well, but it would be a $1,000+ leap into the unknown for me. I wish there was a way to try out an Apple for a while or learn the OS better before I buy. Perhaps there is though, which is why I say this. If so, patch my ignorance please.

  46. Here's my offerings...

    PulpFiction: Jump start your Digital Nutrition!

    PulpFiction: Who needs a blender anyway?

    PulpFiction: The everyday juicer's guide.

    PulpFiction: Making the quality cocktail!

    PulpFiction: Just add the fruit!

  47. PulpFiction: Get to the juice.

  48. PulpFiction: The path of the righteous newsreader is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the news through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost entries. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my news. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

    hmm....on second thoughts its maybe a bit long 😉

  49. Let's call this one closed. I'm going to use a round robin type of comparison system to try to find the best slogan.

    Posts after this one (mine here) will largely be ignored.

  50. A few days ago, I held a little contest to try to find a great slogan for PulpFiction. Well, 94 responses later, I've got the list here. It's in the extended entry if you want to have a peek. I'll...