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QotD: High School

Question: If you could date your high school sweetheart again (pretend you're single), would you?

My Answer: I would. We never dated the first time, and she's got a kid now, but she's still the same girl I remember. More digging is required to determine what's changed. Y'know, aside from the offspring.

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8 Responses to "QotD: High School"

  1. Are you asking would you date the person that you knew then, or the person they are now? 🙂

    - Scott

  2. QotD: High School

    Erik asks: If you could date your high school sweetheart again, would you? Like Erik, mine has a kid now,...

  3. I didn't have a high school 'sweetheart', but there are two girls that I definitely would've mustered up the cojones to ask out. Oh, well. I have no regrets. 🙂

  4. No.

    Although, aside from my High School sweetheart there are a few girls from High School that would probably be fun to date for a little while, but I'm not so into that.

  5. Probably. However, I only graduated HS last year so I don't think this answer really counts 😀

  6. I think I'd do it. I managed to screw stuff up pretty good in high school and it'd be cool to get a chance to do things right this time.

  7. Why not? Most of the time people change for the better anyway. Who knows what's different this time.

    I'd still check out first if she's married or seeing someone. If that's the case, then the date would just be casual, more like a lets-catch-up-on-old-things type. I'm not the kinda guy to commit adultery.

    Otherwise... 😉 HAR HAR

  8. If neither of us were married, I definitely would.