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RSS/Atom Resources

I'm trying to work up a list of RSS/Atom/Bloggin/Subscription (etc.) resources at this page. If you've got a link (or twenty), a category, or anything to add, send me an IM today at "i a c a s" (no spaces). Thanks.

8 Responses to "RSS/Atom Resources"

  1. WordPress and BBlog are both good PHP-based blogging systems.

  2. NewsIsFree offers thousands of free RSS feeds and lets create even more for a small fee

  3. while still in beta, it promises to be a great CMS system with RSS and Atom Syndication built in.

  4. Caleb, -10 for you. It's already listed.

  5. Hey it is, I looked at the list and didn't see it, should have done a n Apple F to see if the computer couldn't find it. I blame all this cramming for the end of the semester. 😀

  6. do you mean any site that's RSS/etc. enabled?

    i've got a couple hundred sites in Shrook right now.

    i'll happily send along the best of those.


  7. PyBlosxom at is a pretty nice Blosxom variant.

  8. Try