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QotD: Salary Cap

Question: Should Major League Baseball implement a salary cap?

My Answer: Hell yeah. I don't think they ever will, though. The player's associate is too powerful. I'm a small-market (Pittsburgh) fan, and these days, I'm wondering how they ever managed to win three pennants in a row as recent as the early 90s.

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10 Responses to "QotD: Salary Cap"

  1. Nope, because i am a yankees and cubs fan 🙂

  2. Where would you propose the money go instead? The players are paid according to their projected ability to draw revenue over the course of the contract. I'd much rather the players get the money than MLB or the owners just keeping more and more of the pie.

    The idea that someone can define the maximum amount of money that someone should be making for a particular job is unamerican! 🙂

  3. Generally I'm against caps, but something needs to be done. The Yankees payroll shouldn't be an order of magnatude higher then the bottom teams.

    Art, where should the money go? The players and owners aren't the only groups to account for. How about the fans? Instead of raising ticket prices every year to cover the higher saleries they could keep them at the same level or even *gasp* LOWER prices. Make the national pasttime affordable again so that it can truely be the national pasttime. Cutting consession stand prices would also be a good place for the money. $2.50 for a bottle of coke or $10 beers are a bit steep.

  4. MLB should work out a system much like the NFL which quite possibly has the most parity between teams in their league. Think about it, at the beginning of every season in the NFL, every team has a shot at the Super Bowl. That's why you get teams come out of nowhere and win. Baseball should do this as well, then it would be possible for small-market teams like Pittsburgh and Kansas City to at least be in on the post-season run, instead of an afterthought at the beginning of the season.

    But Erik's right-- the players' union is baseball is the most powerful of all sports. Which is sad, because you should have the inmates running the asylum.

    Screw the Yankees. Go Marlins! 🙂

  5. Oakland seems to do pretty well for a small market team.

    And Art completely misses the point of a cap. It doesn't limit what a single player can make, it limits what a single team can pay.

  6. Gabe, your wrong. Every NFL team doesn't have a shot at the super bowl. Only 31 teams due. The Cardinals are always automatically out.

    The only problem with going with an NFL style system is that it enables bad owners. They're going to make a profit doing pretty much anything under the current system. Take the situaion here in Phoenix. Bidwell refused to take his head out of his ass and do things correctly. In any other busisness, if you were as bad as the cardinals have been for 50+ years, you wouldn't be around still. But Bidwell is making money hand over fist even though there's only 15k people at home games. We're now in a situation where he'll never sell the team because of the money he's making and the low value of the team due to his ineptitude. It wouldn't be a financially sound move for him.

  7. Brad, but you're moving to south Florida soon aren't you? 😀

  8. baseball caps are a great idea for the sorry teams

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