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PulpFiction Slogans

A few days ago, I held a little contest to try to find a great slogan for PulpFiction. Well, 94 responses later, I've got the list here. It's in the extended entry if you want to have a peek. I'll post results, uhh, when I have them.

For now, uhh, enjoy!

  1. Better than a Royal with Cheese.
  2. You know they call a news reader in France? PulpFiction.
  3. Like Orange Juice for your mind.
  4. Freshly squeezed news. Your way.
  5. You won't know the news until you've got the fiction.
  6. Content Squeezed Fresh Daily
  7. Pulp your newspapers. Get your facts and your Fiction freshly squeezed.
  8. Fresh content, timely, topical, relevant and... tasty.
  9. RSS for the rest of us
  10. Fresh news to your desktop the way your want it
  11. It's the one with "bad motherf***er" written on it.
  12. Keeping your eyes peeled for you
  13. Keeping news fresh
  14. Keeping web content fresh
  15. Delivering fresh web content
  16. Bring the news to you
  17. Freshly Squeezed Content
  18. Freshly Squeezed Syndication
  19. Juice the Web
  20. Feed your Read with Speed
  21. Everything Freshly Squeezed Is Better
  22. Putting Simple Back In Really Simple Syndication
  23. Content At Your Fingertips
  24. The Power Of RSS. The Simplicity of FSS.
  25. NetNewsWire sucks!
  26. Nothing but juicy news, no pulp.
  27. It's Orangetastic!
  28. Squeeze the web and get (juicy) news.
  29. News with a freshly squeezed appeal.
  30. Newsfeeds delivered straight onto your Mac.
  31. Feed Me!
  32. All the news that's fit to juice!
  33. Orange you glad you didn't buy NetNewsWire?
  34. News your way: Pulp-free or Chunky!
  35. News the way you want it: Acid-free or Extra Pulp!
  36. Juice your news.
  37. All your news are belong to us!
  38. Squeeze more into your life.
  39. Squeezing every drop out of the web
  40. Squeezes every drop out of the web
  41. Fresh Every Day
  42. The web delivered to you fresh every day
  43. 100% pure, not made from concentrate.
  44. Keep yourself informed
  45. The one that keeps your mind fresh.
  46. PulpFiction, and you'll never forget your news.
  47. Just the pulp, maam.
  48. Your web, your inbox.
  49. The web in your inbox.
  50. Freshly pulped fiction.
  51. Making short stories out of the web.
  52. All the news, all the time.
  53. Strain your news.
  54. All pulp, mostly fiction
  55. The drink for your brain.
  56. Never say what again.
  57. Content poured fresh daily.
  58. Hand Picked News
  59. Aggregate. Consume. Produce.
  60. Separating the Pulp from the Rest.
  61. Squeeze the Pulp from the Fiction.
  62. PulpFiction : It's bright. It's orange. It's news.
  63. Real. Simple. Syndication made fresh.
  64. Get Medieval on your RSS
  65. Real(ly) Simple: Syndication made fresh.
  66. Your News, Freshly Squeezed.
  67. Squeeze your own content (news).
  68. Get the most from your content(news).
  69. Juices the web; filters seeds, pulp, pith and rind then lets you choose what you want.
  70. Drink the best (from the grove.)
  71. 100% Personalized Web. You'll need to add water.
  72. RSS juiced and filtered just the way you wanted it.
  73. Imagine distilling oranges.
  74. Apples aren't meant to have pulp.
  75. Choose your own headline.
  76. Now you just need to filter fact from fiction.
  77. Your news, your way
  78. 100% of your recommended (daily) dose of news
  79. The web, from concentrate
  80. The concentrated web
  81. The concentrated web (Mix with Aqua)
  82. Get the Web in your Inbox
  83. Get the News in your Inbox
  84. Start your day with a fresh-squeezed cup of news
  85. Juice your life
  86. The juice is out there.
  87. News you can use
  88. News you already know how to use
  89. Jump start your Digital Nutrition!
  90. Who needs a blender anyway?
  91. The everyday juicer's guide.
  92. Making the quality cocktail!
  93. Just add the fruit!
  94. Get to the juice.

9 Responses to "PulpFiction Slogans"

  1. Most of them are damn good but if I have to choose one, it's #84 🙂

  2. I think you mean "royale" in #1. I like #19--I think it's a clever description of what an aggregator really does.

  3. You don't really need a silly slogan to describe your software, do you?

  4. FYI: The ones I submitted that make use of parentheses are for you to pick between the word not in parentheses and the word within them.

  5. "17. Freshly Squeezed Content"

  6. "Juice the Web" gets my vote. Short and catchy.

  7. Yeah, I like #19, "Juice the Web" too. I think you should avoid any reference to "freshly squeezed" anything. There's something Freudian and gross about it. Middle-schoolers would snicker. 🙂

  8. Am I a complete idiot? I've been looking around your site for about 15 minutes trying to figure out how to contact you. I know that it is entirely uncouth to post a message such as this in comments, but as already established, I am apparently a complete idiot. That notwithstanding, if it's not too late I'd really like to participate in the beta testing of PF. I currently use Bloglines (blech), have been fooling around with Shrook for about a week (unsatisfying), and am confident I can give you relevant and articulate feedback. So... is it too late?



  9. The top 25 slogans. I pared down the list by deleting those that didn't have much immediate appeal. From here I will find some way to narrow the list down to 10, at which point I'm going to use a...