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Question: What would you do to the head honchos of the RIAA if you could get away with anything?

My Answer: Death would be too easy. I'm a creative guy, but I think I'd have to spend some time coming up with a real game plan here. Perhaps it'd involve making the executives listen to the crap they now want to push on us for $2.49/song repeatedly (and loudly) while extracting $2.49 from their checking account every four minutes (you know, for eternity).

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11 Responses to "QotD: RIAA"

  1. Chopped into little bitty pieces and buried alive.

  2. Razor sharp cds and 'leet frisbee skillz. Nuff said.

  3. Sad thing is, that with their bank balances, they'd be dead before you managed to empty them at that rate. 🙁

  4. make them deaf so they can never listen to music again?

  5. Treat them like they treat artists.

  6. I'd change their mind.

  7. >> make them deaf so they can never listen to music again?

    That would be doing them a favor with all this crap on the radio.

  8. Bitch-slap 'em and lock them away in a small, dark room. Then change the RIAA to make it more artist-friendly and promote iTunes. Donate former honcho's money to HRC and DNC.

  9. AotD: RIAA

    NsLog has a QotD, Question of the day thingamadoo. Some of the questions are rather interesting, like this one: What would you do to the head honchos of the RIAA

  10. A punishment so heinous that I'd be tempted to copyright it and the movies and songtracks that would come from the process of punishing them before I put their punishment on pay-per-view for all to enjoy -- with the catch being that every view would be on their tab.

    Then I'd let them go free in the middle of some large American city with RIAA burned to their forhead and other places on their now gaunt, naked bodies.

    JK... I don't really care that much. I don't even listen to music all that often. I just enjoyed the exercise of my underpowered and underworked creativity. Hope those that do care are amused.

  11. Take away their BMWs and Mercedes, make them commute 2 hours one way to work in a bad area of town, where it's hot, there's a lot of crime and their office has no A/C, driving old Yugos or Gremlins wearing cheap, polyester suits (like the slime balls they are) and not the $10k, tailored silk jobs they wear now after forcing them to give all their hoarded money over to school chairities and such.

    Hurt them where it counts, their comfort level and their pocket book, heh heh