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Holy crap! EditCSS is freakin' awesome! Wowee. I wish only that I could have it in a separate window (or tie it to another text editor like BBEdit), but if that ain't just the definition of looking a gift horse in the mouth I don't know what is. Wow.

9 Responses to "EditCSS"

  1. Used to work for me, but this version doesn't fly in my Firefox install for some reason, it will not allow the window to launch.

    However, as a good work around, this is based off of a bookmarklet that let's you do the same thing. You can find the bookmarklet at the following url

    All you have to do is right-click (ctrl + click) on the link and choose bookmark link. I have it in my bookmark toolbar. When you're on a page, click the link and it pops up a window with the styles in it. You change the styles in that window, it changes them in the browser window you were in then you clicked the link.

    Not quite as nice as an extension, but it works well.

  2. I was so excited by EditCSS that I redesigned my blog's stylesheet. For those who are curious (or want to bitch or complain), check out the before and after shots for comparison....

  3. Mucho funky. Thanks for the pointer.

  4. Inplace CSS Editing for Mozilla

    Erik is right about EditCSS, it is pretty damn funky. Basically a sidebar for Mozilla/Firefox which lets you do inplace,...

  5. EditCSS

    Erik points out EditCSS. To quote the description on their website: The Editcss project ought to be an easy way for web developpers to edit and modify currently loaded stylesheets. It's an extension based on a wonderfull bookmarklet created by Jesse Ru...

  6. Yeah, it crashes Firefox for me upon install.

  7. Also check out CSSEdit. Pretty slick. I tend to prefer the polish of desktop apps.

    - Scott

  8. How cool! This is just the thing to help my girlfriend work on the color design for her new journal. Real sexy little plugin. Runs fine under Mac OS X for me (I did install jslib and answered it's questions before restarting)

  9. Excellent! Wow, you are just full of the good stuff. Anyway, I'm working on a (big) new blog site and this will make things so much easier. Firefox scores yet another point over Safari. 🙂