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PF Beta Testing

PulpFiction beta testing continues. We've filled all of the slots, so don't ask to sign up. We've also just broken beneath the 100-bug threshhold. The vast majority of the bugs are nitpicky things - the exact kinds of things we care about a great deal as Mac users. Some of them can be fixed by clicking a checkbox or writing two lines of code.

We're still on target for a May 15 release. Beta testers who are reading this blog should IM me if they can't figure out the password for the beta blog… though that password is marked in bright yellow in the bug-tracking software, so if you have to ask, you're probably not a very good beta tester. 🙂

2 Responses to "PF Beta Testing"

  1. Blah, didn't know where to sign up to beta test! I would have, too. I'm using NNW now, but i'm itching to try something different.

    No worries, I can wait until the 15th.

  2. can't wait either, trying to bribe people for this little app.