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Some Stylesheet Changes

I was so excited by EditCSS that I redesigned my blog's stylesheet. For those who are curious (or want to bitch or complain), check out the before and after shots for comparison.

18 Responses to "Some Stylesheet Changes"

  1. I like the new stylesheet, nice fresh squeezed colors :o)

  2. For some reason the new stylesheet makes me crave orange juice...

  3. the new stylesheet is awesome.

  4. Ha!

    I couldn't see the new stylesheet in Safari until I dumped my cache. Looks neat.

  5. Thanks Matt. That did the trick! Looks super cool!

  6. You've really gone too far with the orange theme.

  7. I dunno, have I? I still think the site looks good. I do.

  8. I'm actually currently working on a design with very similar colours. Now if I use it for my site, it will look like I've copied you! My green is a little brighter and my orange a little darker.

  9. looks great! an improvement imo. the colored background helps focus the eye on the actual content.

  10. Sorry, Erik, I can't honestly say I like anything about the new design. The old color scheme was much easier on the eyes, and a pleasure to read. The new design is just … well … can I say "icky" ?

    The green color reminds me of rotting garden tomatoes, and the orange just doesn't go with the green.

    You should really go back to the old stylesheet / theme, OR at least make the old one a user-defined preference.

  11. Readability has taken a huge hit. Body text should never be set in a bold face.

  12. It's not bold.

  13. For some reason, I see a new style, but it doesn't look nearly like what you have in your picture. Did you change it again, or is the new stylesheet not compatable with PCs?

  14. I changed it back. People were whiny and afraid of change. 😀

  15. And now I switched it back. I like it. It's my site. I'll cry if I want to. Oh wait, that's a different song.

  16. I'm glad you did Erik, while I am excited for PulpFiction, and getting the news my way, I enjoy well designed sites. I think this design is more appealing than what you had, and doesn't feel so plain.

  17. I agree with jazer -- readability took a huge hit. The fonts look both bold and condensed (screenshot). I think the problem stems from using "myriad" as the default typeface in your CSS. On my system, at least, Myriad only has Condensed Semibold, Bold Italic and Bold as typeface variations. Myriad Pro, OTOH, does have a Regular variation. I disabled Myriad in fontbook (never used it anyways) and all is well. Changing your CSS to list "font-family: myriad pro, myriad, verdana, sans-serif;" should cover everyone, though.

    Other than the typeface, the new design looks great! 😀

  18. Whether or not it is called "bold," it is clearly a bold face (as Graham's screenshot demonstrates. At least you have an RSS feed...