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Interface Builder Fonts

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about Interface Builder? The pain in the ass better known as "trying to set a table view to use a certain font." The fonts panel doesn't update itself to reflect the current selection, the table view itself doesn't seem to update itself until you click off on another item - it's crap. It's pure, utter crap. Why is this so difficult? I can't even set a font for a text view sometimes. A text view for crissakes.

Why is all of this so freakin' hard? What the heck kind of crap is IB to do this to you? Pure, utter crap I tell ya.


5 Responses to "Interface Builder Fonts"

  1. When it doesn't work I usually realize I'm setting it for the scroll view (which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't) and I double-click on it to select the actual control.

  2. That's not it Kevin.

    And I'd file a bug report, but it'd be titled "font setting in IB 99% broken" and the steps to reproduce would say "1. attempt to use IB to set a font on practically anything."

  3. I agree. 99% broken is true. Considering I simply cannot, ever, successfully set the font on a vanilla, non-subclasses NSTextView I consider it broken.

    So far my workaround has been to manually call [[textView storage] setFont: ...] *every* damn time I do a text append.

  4. I sometimes wonder why Apple doesn't open up the code for IB and xcode a bit. I suspect someone would submit a fix for things like this fairly quickly, and everyone would benefit.

  5. Oooh - Green.