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Those of you who want a little LCD to display your current iTunes song may want to check out what fellow FSS member Andy Monitzer has done.

Andy's IOWarrior does just that. The page describes how to display your current iTunes song and EyeTV channel on an external LCD display by using a universal USB-controller.


Pretty snazzy stuff really. I've already placed my order. 🙂

9 Responses to "IOWarrior"

  1. Nooooo! He beat me to it!

    All I needed to do was finish my string splitting code to send out 7 (yes, 7) bytes at a time. Ah well 😛

  2. dude, that is really fucking cool

    how does it connect to the MACCCCCCCCCC and with what software?

  3. dude, Collin, how the helllll


  4. Parts from, a MAX232 and caps from, and a serial LCD from And some C code. I'd love to have an Aqua UI for's just command-line at the moment. And still awful buggy (no buffering or anything...just raw data...). I'll be fixing up my site and posting a how-to shortly 😛

    Delcom's manuals were very very skimpy on examples, but they at least had drivers for Mac OS X, which was a pleasant surprise from such a company. The serial LCD was slightly expensive. It would probably be cheaper to buy just the serial adapter from and get a nice character parallel LCD from and use them together instead.

  5. Collin: You can copy the code to split a string from my web page 🙂 (the IO-Warrior requires 6 byte-packages for the LCD)

    The IO-Warrior connects to my Mac via USB. It also allows me to do much more than just an LCD, next step is my matrix keypad 🙂

  6. I used to have a VFD display mounted in a spare drive bay, back on my windows machine. IT was very cool what you could do with it. And using VFD's instead of LCD's makes it look so much better. the viewing angle of the display is 500% better. lcd's tend to be only viewed from front on, which is useless most of the time i think.

    the vfd i had was this one:

    was very cheap for a VFD. and you can customise all the graphics and draw what you want on it.

  7. Come on guys - Who's going to be the first to publish an in-depth tutorial?

    This stuff looks way cool!

  8. Mr. Nobody: the stuff on my web page should be enough to get your own going, what additional information do you need?

    Mischa: The pro of a LED-backlight is that one can drive it on USB without additional power (which isn't a problem when you're in-case, since you have 12V there).

  9. This looks like a ton of fun, I may grab myself an LCD screen and whatnot to play around with it.