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QotD: iTunes Wishes

Question: What feature do you wish iTunes had most?

My Answer: A wish list in the store. I want to see what music my friends want and buy them. I want my friends to see what's on my wishlist and return the favor.

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22 Responses to "QotD: iTunes Wishes"

  1. Auto rating based on play-style, eg: if you play a track frequently it is rated higher, if you skip a track frequently its rating drops.

  2. One button (menu item whatever) purchased item backup. Or the ability to re-download purchased music. I'm paranoid, I don't wanna loose those songs I've downloaded if I decide to nuke my iBook and re-build. It's already bit me in the ass with authorizations.

    De authorizing machines other than the one you're on would be nice too.

  3. Smarter joined tracks. Chained songs should be converted to multiple MP3s but there should be no gap between them. The opposite should be possible too: splitting one track in two. It should be possible to chain songs, meaning that they stay separate files but they play as one song.

  4. You can have a quasi wish list already:

    "You can add previews of any song in the iTunes Music Store to a playlist and create a wish list of songs that you want to buy at a later date. First, create a new playlist. Then drag the individual song preview from the Music Store to the new wish list playlist in your Source list. You can’t drag a link to a song or album, an album cover or an audiobook preview.

    Listen to the song preview or buy the song directly from your playlist by clicking the Buy button. You can also quickly go to the song, album or artist page in the Music Store by clicking the arrows in the playlist’s columns.

    After you buy a song using the buy button in a playlist, the song also remains in your “wish list” playlist, but double-clicking it plays the whole song instead of just the preview, and the price for the song no longer appears."

  5. I want folders on the left to put playlists into. And support for them in the iPods. It would just be one more sliding screen to flip though on the iPod... shouldn't be too hard to add.

  6. Song splitting. The ability to split the 2 hour live set I have to 10 minute blocks automatically. I can do it in an external application, but it would be a cool feature to have in iTunes.

  7. Ooh.. one more thing that I forgot in my last comment. I would love it if playlists could have sub playlists. What I mean is I could make a play list of "Queen", then have sub-playlists in that one for each album. Would make organizing things much easier.

  8. Erik sorry... but I have to call you out on this... you asked what you WISHED iTunes had... not what the iTunes Music Store (iTMS) had. So what feature would you like to see in iTunes, the application not the store.

  9. Expanding on what a previous poster suggested about wish-lists you can share said wish-list with your friends via a iMix playlist.

  10. Gary, I believe Apple's backup software allows you to backup purchased music. No?

  11. The store and the application are one and the same. So, no-name, you didn't really catch much. But I'll grant your wish and come up with my non-store wish: the ability to help me find album art without the use of a third-party thing. Or, hell, to purchase album art from the store for tracks I already own. Kinda ties it back into the store huh? If they're gonna let me download free movies, maybe they could let me have free album art?

  12. The iMix wishlist solution doesn't work because:You can't buy songs for your friends.They can't buy songs for you.It's an extra step (not just an "iWish" button)It's not automatically published or updated like a proper wishlist would be.I have trouble even calling it a work-around.

  13. Ogg Vorbis and FLAC support as well as gapless-by-default playback.

  14. dancing, silhouetted girls on the visualisations as seen in all good bond film intros


  15. oh, and i'd love for the visualisations generally to replace my desktop wallpaper when iTunes is running hidden if you see what i mean

    might be one for the G5 owners only though 🙂

  16. Some kind of bookmarking so I can come back to buy the music later.

  17. Beyond rating single songs bassed on play style, I want to see ratings for sequences of songs - let the computer build up some knowledge about which songs we like to hear together. I think that'd be the ultimate shuffle.

    I wrote more about it here: Shuffle

  18. Mike Carter: Go back and read my first post... You can already save music and buy it later :).

  19. Question: iTunes Wishes

    Question: What feature do you wish iTunes had most? With iTunes 4.5, Apple's made iTunes even better. I would, like Erik (who first asked this question) enjoy a wish list so that others like, oh the grandparents, could get and...

  20. Re: Chained songs should be converted to multiple MP3s but there should be no gap between them:

    Sorry, but this one isn’t going to happen. There is a patent on playing back MP3s without a gap between them. I know, because I used to work for that company. I would be willing to bet that the current iTunes implementation of joining tracks was their way of getting around that patent.

  21. I wish when I synced my iPod it would update the play counts and other data that is tracked in iTunes.

  22. Paul, mine does.