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Rock Star 1.1

rockstar.gifFreshly Squeezed Software is pleased to announce that Rock Star 1.1 is now available.

  • Slow down or turn off disappearance of choices.
  • Adjust the length of party games.
  • Automatically pauses iTunes when launched.
  • Reworked high scores screen.
  • Fixed a few bugs and whatnot.

We're continuing our special $9 pricing to celebrate the fact that we're MacAddict's Shareware of the Month. Download away. And, if you're feeling witty, post a review at VersionTracker or MacUpdate.

One Response to "Rock Star 1.1"

  1. 1) So I guessed that the demo would be the same as the update, and that it was a free update for registered users. You might want to make that explicit though. Or not, if you don't believe in user/customer coddling.

    2) Nice new preferences. Thanks! Is now the time to add new feature requests? Like named teams? and a team highscore?

    3) Thanks for reacting so quickly to iTunes 4.5