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“Celebrity” Mac Bloggers?

Question: If you had to list the top five celebrity Mac bloggers, who would they be?

My Answer: In no particular order, and completely off the top of my head: John Gruber, Todd Dominey, James Duncan Davidson, the Unsanity Folks, and Steven Frank.

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6 Responses to "“Celebrity” Mac Bloggers?"

  1. Zeldman!

    Oh, and that Maniacal Rage fellow. Though if I don't get an xPad update that changes the CMD-LEFT/RIGHT shortcuts I might change my mind about that. 😉

  2. Of course, you're not including yourself I see.

    What - no love for Zeldman, Dan Cederholm, Tantek, or Doug Bowman?

    I'd definitely agree with Gruber, and Todd Dominey though. I'm a web standards nut :-\

  3. Heh. Some web standards nut you are... (ahem). What about Richard Rutter (Clagnut)? Granted, he's only had one for a few weeks. 🙂

    Brent Simmons ( 🙂 ), Dave Hyatt, Rob Griffiths? (not technically a personal blog of his own making, but...)

    And if you expand your definition of Mac celebrity bloggers to include celebrity bloggers who use a Mac, the pool gets very deep indeed. Kottke, Meg, Cory Doctorow, Doc Searls, Mattafilter,, Ben Brown etc etc

  4. Hmm, in addtion to those mentioned, I like xlab and Unofficial Apple Weblog (but I don't like the name.)

  5. No offense, but I would say the standards bloggers don't count as "Mac bloggers". Looking at my subscriptions:

    John Gruber

    Dave Hyatt

    Brent Simmons

    Steven Frank

    I read other blogs by semi-known Mac people:

    Mike Pinkerton (Camino)

    Buzz Anderson (PodWorks / Apple employee)

    Jeremy Zawodny (Yahoo! / just bought a PowerBook)

    And this guy who works for FSS. 😛

  6. Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, of Electrolite and Making Light.

    They're not tech bloggers, they're Mac-using bloggers. They're editors at Tor Books, meaning they get to read lots of good SF and Fantasy (etc) before anyone else gets a chance.